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Than samsonites?

Чем самозаниматься?

While we are keen to discuss four-day work week and an afternoon NAP, still remains the main question: what, in fact, to do? We have a quarter of the country self-employed — that’s what they all do, except for cutting, sewing and repair? And most importantly — what they could do, when all will be robots?

Especially for you I have studied the question and now tell you a few business ideas. With the help of which people around the world earn its money.

You can, for example, to rent out the living goat. In order to clear the area from weeds. In Moscow, goats rent for photo shoots. 9 thousand rubles a day. A dentist can paint on your teeth any image. There is a service that allows you to send to anyone potato inscription or picture. $ 10 for decal and $ 15 for the picture. Another service provides the service, attention, adoption of pickled onions. Pay 8 Euro and receive a certificate and photo of the adopted of the bulb.

There are vending machines with garbage, for example. For 25 cents you get a bag with someone else’s garbage. In Russia, on the contrary, there is a service on a solemn destruction of your belongings. Well, if suddenly you no longer need, and throw a pity. In our country there are people who will help to arrange separation from loved once person.

There are people providing the service capacity of the tails of the horses. And there are manufacturers of wigs for dogs. And there are hotels for colors. Any of us can access — would be in the tap water showering.

One online store offers the opportunity $ 10 to buy a random thing. What you have bought, you will know only when the parcel will come. And another online store in the USA sells the coins for 25 cents. For $ 27 you can buy quarters for $ 20.

Services hire friends to party in almost every country of the world. But the service at the drawing of the inscription a plane in the sky provide only where developed private aviation.

But the champion in today’s little review seems to me a company that can get in your mailbox paper mail, scan it and send to you by e-mail.

So wrote Vladimir Mayakovsky, all works good. Choose on taste.

But as you choose — you decide how many days you work per week and do you sleep after lunch.

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