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Thailand was enveloped in toxic smog that can cause bleeding from the eyes

Таиланд окутало токсичным смогом, вызывающим кровотечение из глаз Local residents and tourists suffer from this problem.

Eight million Thais at the moment are suffering because of the smog which has hung over Bangkok. It consists of fine particles and toxic substances, poisons people and animals. The problem already lasts two weeks, it is caused by the neglect of negative environmental changes.

Officials have repeatedly warned entrepreneurs that the industry will sooner or later lead to the emergence of clouds of smog. Aggravated the situation many cars, uncontrolled burning of garbage and construction.

Ignoring the advice manifested itself: many people have problems with lungs, nose and eyes. The blood from the eyes and nose comes from animals living in the city.

At the moment 439 closed schools. To return to normal life, the authorities decided to spray the fluid to reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air. Unfortunately, the effect of this initiative is minimal.

Some people think that he will die soon. To deal with the symptoms of extremely difficult.

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