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Texas sues four battleground states in effort to halt finalization of Biden win, cites ‘voting irregularities’

The Lone Star State has gone to the US Supreme Court to stop the four states from appointing presidential electors for the presumptive president-elect Democrat Joe Biden. 

The motion filed by Paxton on Tuesday would have the SCOTUS order those electors to be appointed by state legislatures, all of which are Republican-controlled. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The Texas AG alleges“voting irregularities,” improper “amendments to States’ duly enacted election laws,” and even potential suppression of the Republican vote, “whether lawful or unlawful.”

“These flaws cumulatively preclude knowing who legitimately won the 2020 election and threaten to cloud all future elections,” the motion reads.

The lawsuit asserts that election results in the four Biden-won battlegrounds are “unlawful,” and need to be reviewed by state legislators. 

The interstate election suit, headed directly to the Supreme Court, has caused quite the controversy with the states accused of violations.

Michigan’s own Attorney General Dana Nessel called Paxton’s motion a “publicity stunt” that is “below the dignity” of his office. Georgia’s deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs also slammed the move.

“Texas alleges that there are 80,000 forged signatures on absentee ballots in Georgia, but they don’t bring forward a single person who this happened to. That’s because it didn’t happen,” Fuchs said, calling the lawsuit “false and irresponsible.”

President Donald Trump, whose campaign still insists he was the rightful winner of the election, retweeted a call for other states’ AGs to join Paxton’s lawsuit, as well as a tweet suggesting the Texas case could be the one that “that breaks this thing wide open.”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called Texas’ motion “huge” on her personal Twitter account.

Many of the Trump campaign’s own lawsuits have already been dismissed or withdrawn across the battleground states – and the sitting president’s chances at reelection are just getting slimmer with the Electoral College voting coming on December 14.

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