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Texas massacre becomes the face (REVIEW)

September 21 in the Russian car entered the picture under a familiar and significant name of “the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface,” and it’s not another remake, not another unnecessary sequel, as often happens with franchises milked dry. This film really needed. At least to remember how it all began.

Back in 1974 a young Tobe Hooper released his debut film, known as the “Texas chainsaw massacre”. It was cheap and very crude material, shot in a wild rush, in terrible conditions, in terrible heat. Maybe it’s the madness imprinted on the film, reflected in the eyes of the actors who performed the roles of family members Sawyer? At least it was for the opportunity to touch the pure delirious insanity I love this tape. There was hard, there were attempts to create the entourage was an unusual villain, as if hiding under the mask of an alien in human skin the soul of the frightened and very sick child…

“Leatherface”. So Tobe Hooper was able to give his first directorial work, but in the end we chose a different header. Perhaps it’s correct, because character under the aforementioned moniker was hardly Central in the picture. He hung over the victims, however, was lost amid other antagonists. And so it went on for almost the entire series. Only in “Texas chainsaw massacre 3D”, the creators tried to concentrate on the big guy in the apron, telling about who made him that way. But the implementation went sometimes controversial, and bloody enough, to be honest.

And on the screen comes the creation of Alexander Bustillo and Julien Maury, the French Duo that gave us “revenge of the unborn” and “livid”. Guys know shock-horror, so Yes, tin, tin will be a lot.

In the original painting referred to simply as Leatherface, and she tells about how exactly a little, and even a cute boy turned into a cult of the monster:

In the center of the story will be four teenagers who kidnapped a young nurse after escaping from the asylum for the mentally ill. When they started up the trail no less than a crazy representative of the law, one of the kidnappers gets on full of tragedies and horrors of the journey that will turn him into a monster named leatherface.

The family is sacred. Especially to the franchise, “Texas chainsaw massacre”. And here she, too, continues to play a vital role and has become the symbol of the cave of cruelty, degeneration, of the past, from which it is impossible to escape.

The creators throw the children of the family Sawyer in a psychiatric hospital, as kegs for bingo is in the bag. They change names, mix. Who is who? Who will be the legendary villain? Simple logic dictates one thing, but instinct instantly prosekaet future plot twist. So, no, you are not surprised. But to observe how people who are sincerely dream that “everything was normal,” moving forward with inevitability — it’s fascinating.

Definitely worth to praise the actors. Lili Taylor and Stephen Dorff played perfectly, but nothing else, I think, from these experienced artists nobody expected. Dorff seems to be altogether created the creepy character in his career. A kind of rabbit-eater with red eyes and in the shape of a Sheriff. Taylor did not Shine in this time in all its might, but was more than convincing in the image of the mother of this disgusting family.

Pleasantly surprised more young actors. Sam Strike represents a positive guy, Prince-protector, which has little problem with anger management. Nothing special, but his remark in the diner, only one line, and the way he said it — it helped me not only to understand the character, but really made me empathize with him.

James Bloor showed the class. It is very plastic, his body is constantly moving, zmeitsya like masking the impending blow. Fortunately, this guy is often someone hits it, grabs, stabs, shoots. However, depth of character is no different, and maybe you should not.

Turned out more interesting role for Nicole Andrews. Voluptuous jealous psycho, she clearly has some unspoken story.

Heroes always doing some kind of hell. A relatively calm part of the film, describing the life of a young Sawyer into the hospital, quickly gives way to riot and escape. Directors relish the violence, not admiring them, and not embellishing. Each scene makes you grimace, and then pressed into the chair, and you know: now that was cool. Although, it seems, the most elegant and disgusting scene in the movie was suddenly bed.

The story moves inexorably to the final, and in the end we get what I ordered. The birth of the monster. Leave the conscience of Directors and screenwriter Seth M. Sherwood the question of how such a transformation is physically possible. Most importantly, now we really know who leatherface is, and what it means for his family.

The picture takes all the best from the previous parts. This jaundiced visual style of the remake, created by Markus Nespelem in 2003. This appeal to origins, as in the tape of John Lussenhop 2013. In the latter, the creators are particularly successful. Everything was damp and not completed in the original work of Tobe Hooper, appears here in superior, perfect form. This is the entourage of the house of Sawyer, it’s violent, it’s the story itself, finally gained depth.

Unfortunately, Tobe Hooper died, did not live quite a bit before the premiere, but I hope he managed to see the picture (the benefit was listed as the Executive producer of the project), and he loved it.

The hero of this film, disfigured, loses the former, human form and takes on a new face. The same thing happened now with the entire series. She really has got a face.

Leather face.

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