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Tesla “hacked” in less than a minute

Tesla "взломали" менее, чем за минутуHow to disable a car from the charging station, the thieves did not know.

Tesla cars are not popular among car thieves, but recently in the UK there was a series of thefts, which police believed was committed by one gang.

One such theft was captured by a surveillance camera in the Parking lot of a private house in Essex. In order to get into the car, the criminals used the scheme with the relay signal from the transmitter machine.

Funny in this case was that the attackers easily managed to open the car, but disconnect it from the charging station, they did not know. First, one person tried to do but failed, and then called for help mate, but that didn’t work out either.

But in the end the thieves are all also dealt with the charge and stole the electric car.

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