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Terrible trailer Terrible johnny

Three months ago we wrote quite a lot about independent filmmaker Greg Lamberson and his project “Terrible johnny” (Johnny Gruesome) – movie, which, Lamberson went his entire adult life. Seriously, dude spent 33 years wrote when he was barely out of his Teens, wrote the book on that script, shot a short film… and now, finally, finished work on a feature-length picture.

Understand what this story is interesting and valuable? “Terrible johnny” is one of many examples of selfless love to his own case and in particular to the horror genre. And let guys like Greg Lamberson not all turns out (being a fan does not mean to be a genius), still the selfless dedication once the selected path is impressive.

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What are we all? And besides, that “Terrible johnny” got the official trailer! Movie looks like a movie Studio Troma, but this has its charm.

In the village of Red hill high school student Eric Carter suspects that his dead best friend johnny Grissom is back from the dead to avenge his enemies.

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The film has no premiere date, but we hope that Mr. Lamberson will not wait another 33 years.

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