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Terrible feminism

Страшный феминизм

Promoting traditional values and justifying gender inequality in Russia you can earn good money and fame.

Russian hierarchical society caught between two poles: “traditional spiritual-Skrypnyk” and “advanced West”. Unfortunately, he and the other in the mass consciousness appear thoroughly distorted — not without the help of state propaganda. And thanks to the Internet acrimony one camp to another clarified and intensified so that real life in which people are doing their job, enter into relationships, have children or devote themselves to some other applications without risk of becoming “an enemy of the people”, many have faded into the background.

The virtual world of information takes more time and effort, palming “hot” topics for debate, replacing the concept, distorting the facts, and ultimately forcing people to defend other people’s beliefs.

One of these enduring themes have long been a gender war, which also include disputes about the purpose of men and women, and the comparison of the contribution and the other in the development of civilization, and mutual accusations of all sorts of vices, and debates about the institution of family and marriage, aggravated from-for demographic recession. “Opinion leaders”, including those who promote the official ideology, successfully manipulating people, pushing them into fierce discussions, which sometimes replace useful and pleasant leisure.


Almost all interviews with the media persons of the female sex one way or another touch on the subject of feminism: this trend was supported by Ksenia Sobchak in a recent interview with Anna Saffron (former co-host Vladimir Solovyov), and YouTube channel “Gentle editor” who invited Tina Kandelaki in her show “Girlfriends”.

Prior to this, back in spring award of Glamour magazine “woman of the year” was marked by several strange statements of Russian stars about feminism. Along with reasonable answers that everyone, in General, has the right to live as he wants, sounded a similar, if taken from manuals theses about the unshaven man-haters, about who is obliged to pay for “drink” and to shake hands; the murdered “female energy” and men who, because of feminism had become weak; that we need to be a good wife and mother, not “nonsense”…

It is clear that from celebrities rare to hear a serious and sincere statement, but in this case, opponents of feminism have not even tried to look wise and dignified. When one adult woman, the pouty, recalls that “she’s a girl” and the other says “here is something before everybody respected that feminism” (this speech is more typical of elderly people), it is pointless to argue, by appealing to historical facts and logic.

However, celebrities like Ksenia Sobchak and Tina Kandelaki all claim to intellectuality. The first calls himself a feminist, the second claims that she’s a strong woman, able to stand up for themselves, but unwilling to accept the labels. In an interview with Ksenia, Anna and Saffron, and in the show “Friends” traced the main points that discrediting feminism in the mass consciousness of the Russians, turning him into a Scarecrow, like the LGBT movement. It is strange that the creators of the recent masterpiece rollers for amendments to the Constitution have not taken it on Board.

On the position of the Anna Shafran speaks very impressively quote from her book, which Sobchak gave to the program: “Should promote Patriarchal values, predominantly among women. And fought-fought for women’s rights, and that the output received? These cases of single women and effete men-degradantov with a penchant for pederasty”. From the use of pejorative words “aunt” and Jakaviciene the phrase “women’s rights” and blows misogyny.

Tina Kandelaki, in turn, emphasizes the ugly forms of radical feminism as the main alternative to “Patriarchal values”, reminds about fashion, but the dissonant feminitiy, about the scandalous advertising Reebok, about the double standards followed by some girls calling themselves feminists, when it is profitable, but would allow to pay for itself in cafe.

Of course, the audience that did not really want to understand the topic and is guided by emotions, will be on the side of those who tells the story of a fantastic world, where “all respect each other” and a strong family with strong earners and beautiful guardians. Not thinking about the fact that all of these successful women, extolling the benefits of “traditional values”, do not wish to live according to the Domostroy, and will be the last to defend their rights, status and wealth.

In General, the division into warring camps evidence of instability of society. People who make informed choices and feel quite safe, not looking for enemies and not suspecting others of hatred. Women, held in his career, won’t scoff at the housewife; happy mother will not be called selfish childless barren flowers; self-confident men do not talk about the “place of women” because they have more important and interesting lessons…

Unfortunately, our society to harmony with yourself is still far. In addition, many Russians prefer not to think for themselves and listen to the “star” chatter. Which, by the way, often well paid, not only the audience, but also those who want to promote the “right” ideas.


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