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Terrible cosmetic procedures that will sustain not everyone. Photo

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. ФотоDisgusting, but such popular cosmetic procedures.

To regain youth and beauty, people are willing to go far enough. People desire to be attractive, little stops. Many are willing to trust their feet a fish, the face of the snails, use creams of dubious components, and even use poisons. In this review disgusting, but such popular cosmetic procedures.

1. Peeling acne - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

To get perfectly smooth “glowing” skin, some people in China are taking a bath filled with eels of small size with a pencil. They squirm all over the body and eats dead skin cells. After that “young” skin really seems to glow pink. Unfortunately, acne has not learned to chew the skin just outside the body. One man in loose underwear, which had a bath with eels, he felt a sharp pain, and then found that the eel slipped into his penis. To remove the fish, took a three-hour operation.

2. Radiation therapy

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

Whenever there is another scientific discovery, the attempts to bring new products to the market to get a profit. Sometimes it brings benefit to humanity, but in other cases, sometimes this leads to the fact that people are beginning to smear their faces with radioactive elements. Radium and polonium once seemed perfect in order to achieve a healthy glow to the skin.

Mysterious rays began to be advertised as a cure for various diseases, also used in cosmetics. Radioactive substance was added to facial creams, Soaps, blush and powder. For those who wanted him to have white shiny teeth, released radioactive toothpaste. Of course, these radioactive products was one “little” flaw: instead of improving health, they led to the emergence of a huge number of varieties of cancer. The usual side effects were ulcers and hair loss. And those who took radium, developed bone necrosis, and incurable cancers.

3. Lead, arsenic and mercury

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

Although today many people want to have a nice tan, before fashion was completely different. Then the tanned face was a sign that people are continuously working on the street. And to have a pale face, needed the money to laze around indoors. Alternatively, to artificially whiten the face with white lead, as did people throughout history. But then I didn’t know that lead causes to rot the skin and cause aggression, headaches, vomiting, convulsions, and eventually death.

Those who wanted to remove spots, freckles and other skin problems, used a different hazardous substance — arsenic. Its overdose could lead to hair loss, bloody vomiting, diarrhea and seizures. But the people who used arsenic, there was no freckles. Fortunately, the practice of lead and arsenic left in the past, but today again there was a fashion for light skin, for the clarification of which use products that contain… mercury. It can lead to many horrible side effects, especially to kidney problems.

4. Bee stings

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

Famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow once said in an interview that constantly resorts to apitherapy. This age-old treatment implies that human sting bees, to relieve inflammation and scarring of the tissues. Although this is really useful, it is mildly painful. There is also a risk of liver failure.

5. Fish pedicure

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

Fish is not picky with food. If you omit the feet or hands in a tank of Garra rufa fish, they will quickly gnaw the dead skin from the limbs of man. Although these fish are toothless, sometimes these crunch out leading to bleeding. Despite the fact that the risk of infection from fish as believe, is very low, there is a significant danger of infection through wounds. Fungal infections can easily spread in the aquariums, which are just teeming with bacteria after previous “clients”.

6. Tapeworm diet

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

Reducing weight is fairly easy — you just need to burn more calories than you consume. But the food is so delicious that many simply can’t hold back and therefore are looking for ways to increase the number of calories burned (except sports). One of these unusual ways to lose weight to have a tapeworm living in the intestines. This worm will eat of the food that enter the body and grow to be that he, and not the waist. Although there is evidence that people in the past used pills that allegedly contained tapeworms, there are recent cases, when wishing to lose weight infected himself with tapeworm. It actually leads to loss of weight and appetite, but also causes pain, malnutrition, diarrhea, blindness, convulsions and death.

7. Placenta

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

Placenta – organ that develops in pregnant mammals to supply oxygen and nutrients to the embryo and remove waste products. Most animals eat the placenta after childbirth, to restore nutrients. Due to the fact that the placenta is associated with youth and birth, it is included in some face creams. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that it works. Moreover, the use of placenta in hair products has led to the fact that girls at the age of 14 months started to grow abnormally fast due to the hormones contained in the placenta.

8. Snails

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

“Snail” Facials — services offered by beauty salons, and in which live snails crawl on the face of the client. Traces of slime that they leave behind, supposedly to help combat the signs of aging. Snails have been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation, so experts-cosmetologists say that this treatment reduce scars, acne and stretch marks. However, there is no scientific confirmation of this.

9. Bull seed

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

In a crowded market of cosmetics producers need something that will set them apart from competitors. One way to do this is to declare that some “magic component” in the facial mask and hair conditioner is the seminal fluid of the bull. The inventor of such a “treatment” for the hair was looking for a recipe with high protein and apparently decided that the best option would be the sperm of a bull. The advertisement claims that hair will be “surprisingly soft and lush”.

10. Foreskin

Жуткие косметические процедуры, которые выдержит не каждый. Фото

It is well known the expression “smooth as a baby’s bottom”. Some cosmetic companies have taken this cliché too literally. They take the foreskin after circumcision boys and turn it into a face cream. It is alleged that collagen and other proteins contained in it, reverse the signs of aging . Because the foreskin contains stem cells, from just one cell in the lab you can grow thousands. The obvious drawback is the cost of these drugs is about $ 1000 per bottle.

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