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Ternopil teachers will remember the rest on Goverla

Тернопольские педагоги надолго запомнят отдых на ГоверлеLost in the mountains teachers looking for rescuers.

Eight school teachers from Ternopil region this year decided to celebrate their professional holiday, not as usual – with a glass of champagne and a box of chocolates in the staff room, and outdoors. Chose not the easiest way to get to places with fantastic scenery, decided to climb the mountain. In principle, by itself, the mount is simple, if not one “but” – in such places the danger level is always higher than in the lowlands. Rain, snow (as it falls in the Carpathians), fog can easily be led astray. What happened to the desperate teachers.

Seven teachers and their colleague-the man came to the village at the foot of Hoverla October 7, Sunday, just in time for the holiday. In the same village and left the car. Planned to ascend, descend and the evening to get home. But it turned out otherwise. When climbing a mountain it was nothing to prevent, but during the descent they took a wrong turn. Early twilight, the weather – all this has contributed little to a prosperous descent… About half past nine in the evening, the teachers understood – knowledge of the teacher of geography and skills on the terrain of the PE teacher doesn’t help, you need to call “101”.

– The message that tourists got lost in the mountain, arrived at 21.30. Rescuers searched for teachers with flares – when lost saw the light missiles, started screaming, we went to the Creek, – told “KP” in Ukraine” in SSES in the Transcarpathian region. – In principle, they went on the tourist route, not looking for thrills. But the mountains remain mountains – here you can easily lose your way. All routes are, of course, marked, allowing the visitor to at least give us the orientation in which to look for them.

Teachers found in the night with them rescuers remained until morning on the mountain. Teachers rise to prepare thoroughly though was only for one day, but stocked up with warm clothes and equipment. None of them help doctors need. With the beginning of daylight hours began to descend, and for dinner went out to the car. In General, this teacher’s Day will clearly be remembered for a long time, and may serve a cautionary tale for their students.

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