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Tens of thousands of people leave the Gambia because of the threat of civil war

Десятки тысяч людей покидают Гамбию из-за угрозы гражданской войныThe UN has reported that in the next few days if the situation is not resolved, the country can leave an even greater number of gambians do.

The tense political situation in the Gambia over the past few days has led to escape into neighboring Senegal about 45 thousand people.

It is noted that 75% of arrivals in Senegal are children and their accompanying women. They’re staying with relatives, host families or hotels. The Senegalese authorities have developed a plan to provide visitors with food and Essentials.

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Earlier it was reported that units of the army of Senegal entered the territory of the Gambia. The purpose of the operation called “Restoring democracy” – to compel the former President of the country, Ail the Jamma to cede power Adam barrow, elected the new head of state.

About the participation in military operations also said Nigeria and Ghana. In total, the operation involved about seven thousand troops from countries of the Economic community of West African countries (ECOWAS).

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