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Tenderness without words: Angelina Jolie in a new video perfume Guerlain


In January Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) was the Muse and face of the new fragrance by the French perfume house Guerlain.

Then we saw a promotional image of the 41-year-old actress — black silhouette Angelina on a white background. The picture shows Jolie appeared from the back, showing one of the latest tattoos of stars. And now there’s a new promotional video of perfume called Guerlain Mon. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Angelina Jolie

As they say the creators of the fragrance, a new perfume created for strong, modern women, he founded the “feminine”, dreams and emotions of women.

“With the help of the perfume I wanted to create a portrait of a woman of the XXI century — a business woman, mother, wife, lover, and especially an equal member of society. For this I used lavender, Jasmine, vanilla,” — said about the aroma of one of its founders, the perfumer, Thierry Wasser.

In the video, the actress has become the main character, which inspired the perfumer creates a new flavor.

As you know, in 2015, Guerlain has been negotiating with Jolie when she was in Cambodia. Then the actress was shooting the film “First they killed my father: a daughter’s memories of Cambodia”. Apparently, recently managed to finally negotiate and sign the contract.

By the way, recently Angelina Jolie along with children visited Cambodia. There the actress has already introduced his new film and also gave a candid interview about her divorce from brad pitt.

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