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Ten ways to stay awake behind the wheel in morning traffic

Десять способов не уснуть за рулем в утренних пробкахExperts told how to cheer up and not to fall asleep at the wheel in the morning.

Car owners are faced daily with the fact that literally half an hour ago getting out of bed they need to become instantly attentive and focused to drive his car. The vast majority of drivers living in large cities, more are forced to stand in traffic jams, which greatly affects mood and can even cause drowsiness. Sleep at the wheel in any case impossible, so the experts have shared tips that will help you to stay alert on the road even if you didn’t get enough sleep.

Ten ways not to fall asleep driving in the morning traffic:

1. Open a window or even step out of the car, if the tube has gone on too long and you are forced to stand more than 15 minutes in one place. Fresh air, especially in winter, will not allow you to doze off.

2. Take charge. Nothing prevents you to warm up, sitting behind the wheel. Make inclinations in the parties as far as possible, mash your fingers, roll the head clockwise and back.

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3. Drink water. Psychologists say that water helps to calm and nutritionists say about the power of water, able to “Wake up” the human body. So be sure to bring a bottle of water in the road.

4. Ask passengers to sit in the back seat. Thus people will be able to see the signs of sleepiness of the driver and not allow him to sleep.

5. Turn up the music. Should sound rhythmic dance tracks, which do not make you dream or think about something. The music you should want to dance, just so you will forget that you want to sleep.

6. Sing. Went to work and in the car except you no soul? To overcome sleepiness will help the singing. Turn on the radio and sing along even if you don’t know the words. Absolutely no difference that you can think of other drivers standing in traffic. You, by the way, and cheer up and at least make you smile.

7. Eat. Did not have Breakfast at home? Of course, you still want to sleep, as the digestive system is still not working. Bring the sandwiches with fresh vegetables and boiled chicken breast, homemade ham. Olives, herbs and so on.

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8. Drink coffee or green tea. This is especially useful for those traveling to the other end of town and will not stand in one tube, and several. In the nearest kiosk near the house, buy a glass of tonic drink with lid and straw, so that nothing prevents you to drink it while driving.

9. Call your parents. For this you need a special headset as you hold the smartphone near your ear while driving is prohibited. The conversation with loved ones will lift your mood and will not go to sleep.

10. Talk or listen. The passengers are your interlocutors, if not, tell me any poem to yourself, listen to the radio. Silence and silence provoke drowsiness, so silent in the car in the morning and at any other time of the day is not recommended.

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