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Ten ways to avoid stressful situations

 Десять способов избежать стрессовых ситуацийStress is a practically usual condition of modern man.

For some nervous shock be a stimulus to further action, for others — the beginning of the end, of psychological trauma. Experts tell how to learn to manage stress.

These ten ways will help you get out of any stressful situation, the winner (namely, without damage to the nervous system).

Try to avoid multitasking

If you feel that all your mind is paralyzed by fear and anxiety — any ill-considered action can lead to failure or to burnout. To avoid this, try to “lighten” your day, converting endless to-do list in a small note of five points.

How to do it? Easy, just ask yourself — “will I die if I don’t do this today?” If you do not die, feel free to cross out.


For one day or for a few hours collapse from all radars. Turn off your phone and go to the place where, with all the desire of your problems until you will not reach.

That is, if the stress associated with work, take a day off, citing a headache, but if you can’t relax because of the permanent repair, which is already a month do your neighbors get in the car (or on the first train) and rush out of town into the countryside. In General, your task is to arrange a little day off and spend it away from the source of your nervousness.

Neutralize toxic people

When you feel bad, you have every right to divide all others into two groups — the first will include friends and colleagues, after which you okay, the second ones after the conversation, which only gets worse.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but there are people, who really love to pour oil on the fire — they enjoy intrigue and gossip. And here from such “friends” need to stay away if you don’t want to get caught up even deeper in stress and anxiety.

Look at the situation in the future

Now it seems that the black bar will never end and the endless tangle of problems and will poison your life. But actually it not so — in ten years you will hardly remember what was going through. Because, as you know, sooner or later passes. And this a tangle, too, will soon unravel.

Remember this and every time ask yourself — will this matter in a month? And next year?

Ask for help

Of course, you can consider yourself the bravest man who all, but nevertheless we have to admit: sometimes even Batman needs Robin.

In moments the mental anguish is not worth it to be brave and try to do things on my own — one phone conversation with a friend will replace you with a three-hour meditation session and will help to reassess the situation. In addition, you will hear an alternative point of view and get support from someone who is always on your side.


Regular exercise has a beneficial impact not only on your figure but also your mind. A twenty minute walk in the middle of a busy day helps you stay alert and attentive for at least another six hours.

But if after training you will be able to go to the sauna or for a single session in the pool, then you do become immune — endorphins, which are produced after strenuous exercise, protects you from stress and will not fall into depression.

Sleep more

In any unclear situation put the phone in airplane mode and go to sleep. It’s really the best thing you can do. Besides, enough sleep will not only energize you but also will significantly reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood.

But sleepless nights, on the contrary, only aggravate your condition and make an already difficult period of life unbearable.

Drink enriched with magnesium water

Pure and wholesome water — that will save you from stress and will not “break” under the weight of urgent matters and deadlines. It is better to drink water enriched with magnesium. Magnesium is involved in energy production, glucose uptake, transmission of nerve signal protein synthesis. It has a calming effect, reducing the excitability of the nervous system.

Find time to have fun

Even during the hard and cruel deadline should not deny yourself things that bring pleasure and joy. The watching several episodes of interesting series or reading books will not only help you to relax and “reboot”, but will force your body to produce endorphins, the main “sponsor” of good mood.

Meditate and try autogenic training

Thirty minutes of meditation in the morning is enough to throughout the day to remain steadfast tin soldier, which is all on the shoulder. And if you meditate it’s not out yet, it’s time to try autogenic training — they will teach you how to relax and cope with anxiety.

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