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Ten unexpected reasons there is a grant every day

Десять неожиданных причин есть грант каждый деньHardly of this you guessed.

Ornamental granitic gives us in the late autumn of their wonderful fruits — pomegranates.

They grew in the garden of Eden named in the Bible, “Paradise apples”. But what attracts people from the time of Adam and eve in these ruby nuggets?

Their healing properties have been glorified since ancient Indian manuscripts and Greek Scriptures. In our days the garnet have not lost their popularity. Learn how to choose pomegranates and how they can help the body.

1. Increases hemoglobin. The most known property of pomegranate — anti-anemia. For anemia, drink pomegranate juice diluted in 0.5 cups 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 2 months.

2. Expels worms. Bark of ripe pomegranate contains alkaloids, pellerin, izopelteryn and metilizopelteryn, which have strong anthelminthic action. To get rid of worms, insist 40-50 g of crushed bark in 400 g of cold water for 6 hours, and then boil on a slow fire until it evaporated half the liquid. Cooled broth strain and drink for an hour in small portions. An hour later, drink a laxative, and after 4-5 hours, make an enema.

3. Stops diarrhea. The bark and fruits of pomegranate have astringent properties, so they are used against diarrhea, colitis and enterocolitis. Adults need to dry, grind bark, and make a pinch 3 times a day after meals, and children with this, you can give freshly squeezed juice, diluted half with water. In the case of infectious diarrhea, polyphenols contained in the pomegranate peel, effectively reduce the growth of dysentery Bacillus and other pathogens.

4. Disinfects the mouth and throat. Water decoction of rind of pomegranate or its juice is used for rinsing throat (quinsy and pharyngitis), mouth (when gingivitis and stomatitis). Tannins relieve pain, and organic acids destroy the infection.

5. Replace the insulin. Pomegranates — one of the few sweets that are not only valid but also useful for diabetics. To do this, use 60 drops of juice 4 times a day before meals. Already on the 3rd day significantly reduced blood sugar levels.

6. Displays radiation. Pomegranate juice is very useful for anyone who works with radioactive isotopes or living in high radiation zone.

7. Cure the skin. You have oily skin, acne or purulent rashes? Make a mask of slightly roasted, powdered pomegranate skin with butter or olive oil. Store it in the refrigerator and apply to skin not more than 2 times a week. And powder of the dried peel can effectively treat burns, cracks and scratches.

8. Reduces pressure. Pomegranate seeds very gently reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients. A membrane of pomegranate, dried and added to tea will help to calm the nervous system, to get rid of anxiety, establish night’s sleep.

9. Increases the activity of hormones. In pomegranate seeds contain oils that restore hormonal balance in the body. So do not spit out the pomegranate seeds — they need to eat, especially if you carry painful periods, headaches or menopause.

10. Relieves inflammation. In various inflammatory diseases (kidney, liver, ears and eyes, joints, gynecological organs) helps a decoction of the bark of pomegranate. Prepare it: 2 teaspoons of powdered bark pour 1 Cup of hot water, boil in water bath 30 minutes, strain, wring out and dilute with boiled water to the source. Take 50 g 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

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