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Ten reasons to visit the capital of Chile. Photo

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. ФотоThis country is full of surprises.

Santiago de Chile is most often known as just Santiago. The city was founded by the Spanish in 1541 and served as the capital of Chile since colonial times. It is a bustling city with more than six million inhabitants and neoclassical colonial buildings of the 19th century. The town is picturesquely situated in the hills, with the river Mapocho and the peaks of the Andes in the background. Among the many sights of Santiago de Chile there are very interesting sights, from religious monuments to modern flashy buildings.

La Moneda

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

La Moneda is also known as “Palace of Coins,” because before was mint. Here are located the offices of the President of Chile and several other key government officials. The large neoclassical structure occupies an entire block in downtown Santiago. La Moneda has ceased to be the mint in 1828, and in 1845 became the government house. The building was bombed during the coup, when in 1973 came to power Pinochet, but later carefully restored. The changing of the guard ceremony takes place every two days, depending on the time of year.

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

In the history of Chile there are dark periods of gross violations of human rights, which is reminiscent of the Museum of Memory and human Rights in Santiago. Outdoor for several years the Museum – memorial of Chileans who were victims of the Pinochet regime (1973 – 1990). Laid the first stone of the Museum in 2008, Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet was himself a torture victim of Pinochet. The exposition of the Museum includes instruments of torture during Pinochet, letters to family members and testimonies of survivors. At the entrance you will read the last poem of the poet Victor Yara, one of the first victims of the Pinochet regime.

Gran Torre Santiago

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

Tower Gran Torre Santiago is so high that can be seen from any point of the city. 64 story skyscraper is the tallest in Latin America and the southern hemisphere. The tower is 300 meters high and has six basements. In the tower is a Costanera center, a complex which includes the largest shopping Mall in South America. Daily it is visited by over 250 thousand people. On the top floor is an observation deck, offering a 360 degree view of Santiago de Chile and its attractions.

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Museum Of Pre-Columbian Art

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

The Chilean Museum of pre-Columbian art can boast of the exhibits, which age is more than 10 000 years. The exhibition covers the pre-Columbian art not only in Chile but also in other parts of South and Central America. It all started with a private collection, but eventually grew into 5000 exhibits and works of art. These items are made from various materials, including metal, textiles, ceramics, bone and skin. Located in Central Santiago Museum honors the amazing skills of the local peoples before the arrival of Europeans.

The Hill Of Santa Lucia

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

Santa Lucia – one of the hills in Central Santiago, which is a remnant of a volcano age of 15 million years. The hill was originally called Koelen, but the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1543 was renamed in honor of St. Lucia. For centuries there were built several FORTS, which they had visited many prisoners, dissidents, opponents of the Catholic faith and other “unworthy”. The hill was reconstructed in the 19th century and today you will find a Park, sculptures, fountains and castle. From the top Santa Lucia offers beautiful views of Santiago.

Mercado Central

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

Mercado Central or Central market of Santiago sells all of the possible products and seafood. Here you will find a variety of fresh along the long coast of Chile fish, oysters, mussels, scallops, clams and more. On the market there are many restaurants, where you then cook purchased delicacies. Central market – popular tourist attraction of Santiago, which has been functioning since 1872. It is housed in an unusual iron building, where even the roof is made of wrought iron. Central market is a great place to visit due to its location in the centre of Santiago de Chile.

La Chascona

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

The outstanding Chilean poet and Nobel prize winner for literature Pablo Neruda had three houses, among which the most distinguished La Chascona. All of the quirky personality of Neruda could not be better reflected in this house. Even the name La Chascona comes from dirty curly red hair of his mistress. House in the shape of a ship – a magnet for tourists that visit an unusual dwelling and a fabulous garden of the poet.

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The Bellavista Neighbourhood

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

Barrio Bellavista – the Bohemian quarter of Santiago, where they like to spend time with artists and intellectuals. Its most famous resident is still Pablo Neruda home (La Chascona) is one of the main attractions of Santiago. This is the most stylish place in town with restaurants, funky boutiques and avant-garde galleries. You can dance the night away at one of the numerous discos, and in the afternoon explore the colourful buildings along tree-lined streets of Bellavista. The weekend is open market of crafts and arts, where they sell hand-made Souvenirs.


Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

All of the earlier cathedrals of Santiago was destroyed by earthquakes, but the Cathedral stood on the Plaza de Armas for more than 260 years. The construction of the Cathedral began in 1748 and since then he has dominated over the area. Stone neoclassical Cathedral that is considered one of the best examples of religious architecture in South America, where in one of the towers houses the remains of the first cardinal of Chile. Wooden interior doors of the Cathedral were cut approximately in 1765, and decorated with massive naves add to the aura of even more inspiration. Inside you will find ornate altar and the sacred art Museum.

Hill San Cristobal

Десять причин побывать в столице Чили. Фото

The main attraction of Santiago de Chile is the Cerro San Cristobal. A hill in Northern Santiago, dominates the city, providing beautiful views. Spanish conquistadors named it after St. Christopher. Upstairs you will find an Observatory and a statue of the virgin Mary part of Shrine of the Immaculate conception. Pope John Paul II blessed Santiago in a small chapel in the sanctuary. There is also an amphitheater where services are held. The Cerro San Cristobal is home to the largest Park in Santiago, the Chilean state zoo, Japanese garden and two swimming pools.

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