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Ten reasons to visit Sunny Spain. Photo

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. ФотоThis country is full of fascinating attractions.

From the Northern mountains to the hot Seville and a distant Canary Islands: what are the places worth a visit, in order to more fully encompass the magnificence of Sunny Spain.

1. Pueblos Blancos, Andalusia

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

White villages, onizawa hilly area in Central Andalusia not long ago experienced a period of decline: young people are massively leaving these farming settlements, heading for work in major cities. Now, however, the inhabitants of the villages obviously have decided to attract more tourists and engaged in the restoration of buildings and mostowy. Narrow lanes winding between white houses, ancient churches and overgrown variegated colors of the site was returned to its medieval charm. The picturesque village is Grazalema, Vejer de La Frontera and Arcos de La Frontera.

2. The Alhambra, Granada

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

Moorish fortress, covered with amazing carved patterns is one of the most visited monuments in all of Spain. The complex of palaces surrounded by ornate gardens, crowning the top of the hill; he background are the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada. Within its walls the fortress is not less impressive: here amid the peaceful courtyards, the lush Moorish decorative elements interesting contrast with the concise lines of the Baroque elements of later eras.

3. Masterpieces Of Gaudi, Barcelona

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

The Catalan capital has no shortage of virtues: a vibrant nightlife, long beaches and open space for shopping make it one of the most popular tourist destinations of Europe. However, its main pearls is undoubtedly a fantastic building, built by the legendary Antonio Gaudi. The most visited of his creations (and, concurrently, the symbol of the city) is, of course, still not completed Sagrada Familia Cathedral with its carved towers and intricate columns. Other masterpieces of the architect, must to visit – the apartment house Casa Mila, as well as “gingerbread” houses Park güell.

4. Mountain beauty, the Picos de Europa

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Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

The Spanish scenery is good everywhere, whether it’s long sandy beaches and wide plains. But the most impressive natural views of the country were concentrated in the mountains of the natural Park of the Picos de Europa. Rocky slopes, emerald green valleys and rushing rivers make this area of Northern Spain is an ideal place for trekking, rafting and other outdoor activities.

5. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

Many Gothic cathedrals of Spain is an important tribute to the Catholic tradition. Perhaps the most impressive of these is the community of the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. It’s a huge building, covered with Baroque flourishes, statues and stalagmites. And yet the Cathedral is the last item in the route of thousands of pilgrims who each year pass through the famous pilgrimage route known as the Way of Saint James.

6. The Volcano Teide, Tenerife

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

To the Canary Islands from Spain and need to fly nearly two hours. The Islands are located much closer to the African coast than to the European, and their nature is very different from the landscapes presented in Spain. The land of volcanic origin is covered with stepped slopes and black sand. In the centre of Tenerife – the most popular of the Islands, rises the mighty Teide volcano, topped with a snow cap. Those who dare to conquer its slopes on foot, will walk among the brand “lunar” landscapes, and the summit offers stunning views of the Canary Islands.

7. The beaches of Formentera, Balearic Islands

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

Almost 10 thousand kilometers of coastline and abundance of sunlight has long been turned Spain into a beach Mecca. The beaches here are very different from studded with sun beds and colorful umbrellas to a pristine deserted stretches of sand. Perhaps the most pristine (and very white!) beaches can be found on Formentera – one of the Balearic Islands. To reach Formentera from the mainland in just a couple of hours. The most picturesque of the island’s beaches — Ses Illetes is a curving strip of white sand, gently lapping blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

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8. The city of arts and Sciences, Valencia

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

Spain is famous for its outstanding historic architecture, but her contemporary designs are no less interesting. Located in Valencia architectural complex “City of arts and Sciences”, designed by prominent architect Santiago Calatrava, can be called the hallmark of modern Spanish architecture. Dazzling white buildings of fancy shapes, the walls of which are curved under the most unimaginable angles, are impressive at any time of day, but especially beautiful in the night, when their shape emphasizes skillful lighting.

9. Spain Square, Seville

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

The capital of Andalusia is filled with beautiful buildings and a stunning, traditionally Spanish atmosphere. The Plaza de españa, designed by local architect aníbal gonzález in 1929, is a kaleidoscope of colorful turrets and colonnades, generously covered with curled patterns. In the center is a huge fountain splashing and the channels through which you can ride a rented pedal boats. The place is so picturesque that it has repeatedly appeared in various films, the most famous of which is the second episode of “Star Wars” (“attack of the clones”).

10. The old town of Toledo

Десять причин побывать в солнечной Испании. Фото

Vintage Toledo located in the heart of Spain until the 16th century was the capital of the country. For many centuries here side by side lived Jews, Christians and Muslims, for that Toledo received the nickname “City of three cultures”. Narrow cobbled streets, historic buildings, architectural monuments, majestic churches and cathedrals – this place is a must for those who want to more fully immerse themselves in the rich history of the country.

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