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Ten reasons to enter into the diet of mint

Десять причин ввести в рацион мятуMint refreshes, tones and soothes.

Mint is strongly associated with carefree summer. Its aroma and taste will forever remain in the memory and to symbolize something juicy, fresh and tasty. Indeed, in the mint contains a large amount of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on human health.

Peppermint is actively used in cooking. This herb becomes a great ingredient for salads, appetizers, desserts, puddings, smoothies, soft drinks and other food and drinks. You can experiment endlessly.

We have compiled a list of 10 reasons that leave no doubt that mint is not only insanely delicious, but also very useful. Use fragrant grass more often and add it to your favorite dishes or drinks.


Mint perfectly tones the body. In its composition contains menthol and essential oils. They gently soothe the skin, relieve irritation and eliminate itching and rash. Cosmetologists take this property of mint into service in the manufacture of creams, tonics and body scrubs. Mint they are especially effective and nutritious.

Improves digestion

Mint gently improves the stomach and intestines and speeds up metabolism. It is recommended for constipation, flatulence and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Fragrant grass effectively cope with these problems, and normalizes metabolic processes in the body.

Calms the nervous system

Mint not only soothes the skin. It works from the inside and a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves stress and irritation, helps with depression and chronic fatigue. If there are too many things that are wrong, just brew some fragrant tea with mint. It will help bring back the harmony and peace of mind.

A positive effect on the heart and blood vessels

Few people know, but mint love heart and vessels. Fragrant grass has a positive effect on their health, reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke and other diseases of these organs. Regular consumption of mint strengthens the heart muscle and blood vessels, helps to break cholesterol plaques and prevents blood clots.

Removes waste and toxins

Mint is an effective detox product. This green grass helps rid the body of waste, toxins and other unnecessary and often harmful substances. Cook tea, flavored water, smoothies, juices on the basis of mint and enjoy your life and good health.

Eliminates nausea

Menthol, which in large quantities contained in mint, helps to fight nausea. If you feel unwell, do not rush to reach for the medicine Cabinet. Brew a decoction of mint or peppermint tea. Drink from the aromatic herbs will help to quickly cope with unpleasant symptoms (if it is not serious poisoning).

Relieves pain

Mint is an effective pain reliever. All the same menthol in its composition in the company with essential oils works wonders. Peppermint relieves pain, helps fight infections and bacteria, soothes. For mild pain, local try instead of pills to use mint.

Strengthens hair

Mint — a real beauty-product. Its regular use has a positive effect not only on the health of the skin, but also the appearance of the hair. Mint makes them elastic, strong and gets natural Shine. It also helps to fight split ends. To use mint for the beauty of hair as possible inside fresh or in tea, and as a balm rinse.

Eliminates headaches

Headache? Try to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms by using mint — it effectively treats headache and migraine. Essential oils and menthol in its composition alleviate tension, expand blood vessels and return excellent health and good mood.

Improves women’s health

Mint simply has to be present in the diet of every female. Fragrant grass has a positive effect on women’s health and helps prevent a number of gynecological diseases. The benefits of mint are not over. It normalizes hormonal balance and the menstrual cycle, relieves pain in the lower abdomen.

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