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Ten reasons to consider the banana the best fruit

Десять причин считать бананы лучшим фруктомBananas are the most delicious, dessert, and, accordingly, the sweetest of fruits.

It is quite justified: the glycemic index of a ripe banana is very high, because of what this product is often shunned by people who want to lose weight, and supporters of proper nutrition is often in doubt whether to include it in your diet.

Fortunately, in this case, we can say that the benefits far outweigh the few disadvantages. Nutritionists have gathered the most compelling reasons to eat a banana a day is not only delicious, but also very useful.

Healthy snack

You will agree that even not paying attention to the various useful properties of bananas in the first place, we value them as a great snack, after which for a long time feel a sense of satiety.

In one medium banana contains about 100 calories and lots of fiber, which not only quickly removes the feeling of hunger, but also normalizes metabolism, a positive effect on peristalsis.

Before and after training

Thanks to all the same high energy value, bananas are great for a snack both before and after training.

These fruits will help you maintain normal blood sugar levels and relieve muscle cramps during exercise, and after exercise will perfectly fill power.

A storehouse of vitamins

Banana contains many vitamins, including vitamins E, vitamin C, PP and carotene, but the distinctive feature of this fruit is high amounts of vitamin B6.

It is this vitamin indirectly affects our health and mood, strengthening the nervous system and helping to fight fatigue.


If your power’s out, and the mood at all at zero, drop the thoughts about all kinds of sweets and eat a banana: these fruits contain high amounts of tryptophan, a substance that our body “recycles” in the real hormone of happiness — serotonin.

Skin and bones

Use for muscle and increased efficiency — not only the healing properties, which can boast of bananas. They also contain calcium, which strengthens our bones, and a lot of pectin, promotes removal from the body of various toxins and heavy metals.

That is why bananas can be acknowledged as a valuable product for anyone seeking to build a truly healthy and beautiful body.

Matters of the heart

Bananas are rich in potassium, the main mineral substance good for the heart. Therefore, these fruits are directly responsible for the recovery of the cardiovascular system, normalizing blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attack.

Also bananas are rich in iron and stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood, which makes them a must for preventing anemia.

High performance

Favorably acting on the cardiovascular system and normalizes microcirculation of blood vessels, and bananas are the best way to affect mental activity.

Scientists have repeatedly proven that bananas are one of the main products that enhance concentration, focus and performance in General.

Easy stomach

People who frequently suffer from stomach problems in the first place should not neglect the bananas, because for them it is almost mandatory product.

Antacid effect of bananas to cope with heartburn, protecting the stomach wall irritation and softening, and high in fiber and soft texture of the fruit helps restore normal bowel function, relieving the swelling and feeling of heaviness.

Without nerves

Lean on bananas are often advised for those who have decided to quit Smoking: a large number of vitamins in this fruit will help the body cope with the sudden lack of nicotine.

If your work is connected with great emotional stress and is full of stressful situations, I advise you to take as a snack a couple of bananas: vitamin B6 contained in them in large quantities, regulates the level of glucose in the blood and helps to stay on a positive wave.

Favorite dish

Lovers vitamin smoothies are unlikely to be able to do without bananas: this fruit is an excellent basis for almost all cocktails.

We often advise you there is a very simple bananas or add them to Breakfast in their Breakfast cereal if you want to start your day is not only useful, but also sweet.

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