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Ten products that best protects against colds

Десять продуктов, которые максимально защитят от простудыExperts told what foods should be consumed during cold to to recover more quickly.

As you know, the way of eating a lot. Doctors claim that with a balanced diet the body is much easier to deal with viruses and various illnesses because his immune system day by day gets all the necessary vitamins and useful minerals.

For respiratory diseases the immune system is forced to work harder, which means it loses its strength and needs support you can provide, if you often use the following products:

1. The beet juice. The benefits of fresh beet juice a lot to say, because it is considered to be the most useful vegetable juice of all. Moreover, beet juice can and should not only to drink but to use as a great remedy for nasal congestion or sore throat, the common cold will be just in time.

2. Med. Useful properties of honey are that it is able to resist viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Honey absorbs all the “garbage” and removes it from the body, so during a cold or other infectious disease should be required to use honey. However, doctors recommend to lean on the honey and eat it with a spoon. Literally 3 to 4 tsp of honey a day will be enough, otherwise it may develop allergies.

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3. Lemon. This citrus fruit has a unique ability to attack viral microorganisms and not allow the cold to progress. With lemon you can quickly get rid of unpleasant cold symptoms. Also, lemon, you must eat and as a prophylactic against colds and other seasonal diseases.

4. Broth from chicken. This product for a long time is used in the treatment of colds. The thing is that with a Cup of broth a person can eliminate the symptom of a cold, nasal congestion or a bad cold.

5. Broccoli. Bright green cabbage accommodates more vitamin C than a lemon, so doctors suggest to consume broccoli in the off-season and cold weather.

6. Pumpkin. Truly the most useful product of the fall, which not only has a pleasant sweet taste and aroma, but also a real ability to protect human body from viral infections and to fight them if they managed to penetrate inside.

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7. Bell pepper red. The amount of vitamin C in pepper exceeds the daily norm for a human, so it is safe to eat, to deal with the symptoms of a cold or even to protect myself in the future from similar ailments.

8. Garlic. One of the most flavorful in nature. And that is due to the volatile member and causing the appearance of a sharp flavor, the immune system is a powerful support aimed at the fight against viruses.

9. Green tea. The drink, which is a natural antioxidant, is beneficial to health in General, and in particular, and when cold it is to — to lay.

10. Ginger root or ginger ale are equally good in the treatment of colds, as well as in the prevention of this disease.

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