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Ten of the most interesting museums of Ukraine

Десять самых интересных музеев УкраиныToday is the international day of museums.

The holiday is celebrated since 1977, places on this day to work for free.

Among the many museums in Ukraine is the most interesting and unusual, worth a visit in the near future.


Address: city Kyiv, St. Stepana Bandery, 6 (metro station pochayna).
Price: from 165 to 220 UAH (children under 6 are free).

To get children interested in science can take them to the Museum “Experimentarium”. Here is everything that can affect both small and large. You can build a prototype of the bridge without a single nail, to sit behind the wheel of this fire truck, like a mirror maze and learn what an optical illusion.

This Museum has not only the standard of the exhibition, and organizes special tours to order, as well as birthdays with interesting quests on any subject. But if the brain wants to eat to continue to consume huge amounts of scientific information, there was opened a cafe.

Kiev water Museum

Address: kreschaty Park, St. Grushevskogo, 1. Nearest metro stations: Kreschatik (exit to Institutskaya street), Independence; Postal area.
Price: adults – 20 UAH, children and students – 15 UAH.

Water is what makes us, it is an integral part of our lives. This Museum is interesting to visit for both adults and children, because there are rides for different ages.

Here you can learn about the composition of water and nutrition, and the work of sanitation. Also interesting is the location of the Museum, because the exhibition presents a historic building in the heart of the capital of Ukraine. This building resembles a medieval castle.

Museum of dreams

Address: Kiev, chigorina, 55.

Another interesting Museum of the city of dreams. Here tell, where are the dreams, what they are exactly as you see them, they always dream of.

Here, every visitor becomes an exhibit, because it will be to interpret your dreams. It also operates and experienced therapist, who will explain the relationship of dreams with reality.

Parkhomivka historical and arts Museum name Lunev

Address: Kharkov region, Krasnokutsky district, village of Parkhomivka, street Office, 2

No need to go abroad to see the eyes of Rembrandt, Malevich and Picasso! Is only to come to the village of Parkhomivka, in the Kharkiv region. The Museum is housed in the former estate of count Podgoricanin. The collection is gathered is not whether he and his descendants, and the usual local school teacher Afanasiy Lunev.

Here is the original famous “dove of peace” Picasso which he donated personally. And here is the work of Malevich, Kandinsky, Aivazovsky, Vasilkovskaya str., Mayakovskogo, rasdale, Hooch and others.

In this village he spent his childhood famous Ukrainian Kazimir Malevich. The house where lived the author of “Black square”, is also preserved.

Museum of Hutsul magic

Address: St Zabielski Stream, 33a, town Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.

The other world, but the Ukrainian is about the Museum of Hutsul magic. Here you can get acquainted with the local molfar and witches.

Here you can learn about the famous Hutsul healers, archaic folk remedies and long-forgotten traditional recipes.

Underwater Museum for divers

Address: village of mykolayivka, Dnipropetrovsk region.
Price: free, confident use of scuba gear.

The exhibits of the Museum are located at depths from 10 m to 48 m in the flooded quarry. Here you can see the old “Zhiguli”, “Cossacks”, motorcycles and even a beer kiosk … All you need is the ability to use the diving equipment.

Similar underwater museums exist in Zhytomyr region and the Crimea.

The Museum of trash

Address: Vinnitsa, St. Vatutina, 19.
Price: free.

Vyacheslav Voevodin worked as a storekeeper at the factory for sorting garbage for 15 years. Because of this, he gathered a large collection of discarded, but no less valuable items. Currently, the Museum has more than 2000 exhibits.

You can see the various ancient household items, Antiques and the like. In fact, people often do not realize how valuable things are thrown away. Collectors all the time “attack” the proposals of the founder of the Museum.

Museum related professions

Address: city Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, 6A.

Honored journalist of Ukraine Roman Factory decided to open a Museum of occupations, which was earned from September 13, 2005. He works in Kiev. Motto: “From plough to computer.”

Here you can see 150 different types of family occupations over the past 200 years. Most of the exhibits are owner of restored independently.
The house was built specifically for this Museum.

Museum of smuggling

Address: Odessa, str 6.
Price: 70 UAH.

2013. Here you can see what you are capable of human logic, if you really need something somewhere to bring in.
The founder is a former soldier Alexander Separately. The Museum will tell the truth about the smuggling.

For example, the gas bag of scarves you could buy a car, and 5 skeins of mohair yarn was given 5 years in prison. I wonder who smuggled the cassette tape is first wound on a skein of thread, and the top masked the actual thread. All customs officials were aware of these machinations, but he always closed his eyes as another way of receipt of the cassettes in the country simply was not.

Post office in Nezhin

Address: Chernigov region, Mr.. Nizhin, street Post, 5.

The hotel itself-a post office has been preserved without significant changes even since the EIGHTEENTH century, and the Museum opened in 1993, thanks to the submitted collection of exhibits from the local historian Alexander Lazarenko.

The interior of the Museum is as close to a XVIII – beginning of XX century, as the nature of the exhibits relating to the work addresses of those times. Among the famous people on this station at the time, stayed Shevchenko, Pushkin, Gogol, Grebenka, and others.

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