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Ten of the most interesting flea markets. Photo

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото Here you can find rare items.

For lovers of rare and outlandish things the portal “Around the world. Ukraine” has picked up TOP 10 best flea markets in the world.

1. Marché aux Puces, Paris, France

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

In the translation of French Marché aux Puces name sounds like “flea market”, hence the term for this kind of “flea markets”. This market is one of the oldest and biggest flea markets in the world: it is more than 150 years, and it consists of 12 markets, which over time have merged into one. Marché aux Puces is located in the North of Paris.
Here you can find vintage treasures and new things. A modern marketing approach Marché aux Puces is a home that is very convenient.

2. Mauerpark Flohmarkt, Berlin, Germany

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

At the Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berliners trade “than got”, and often that is not necessary. Here you can find a second-hand dishes, shoes, toys, bicycles, old vinyl records, handmade items and, surprisingly, home-cooked meal.

3. El Rastro, Madrid, Spain

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

Despite the fact that the name flea market comes from Paris, is still the oldest and largest flea market is open in Madrid. El Rastro is open every Sunday and public holidays. People come here as tourists and local collectors, because the market, among other things, you can find real Antiques.

4. Portobello Road, London, United Kingdom

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

The British trade, mainly with Antiques. A Mecca for tourists seeking unique Souvenirs, became Portobello road. The auction was conducted here since 1800 years. The market is open all week, but the most loaded visitors days are on Friday and Saturday.

5. Mercantic, Barcelona, Spain

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

Mercantic, located in the suburbs of Barcelona, Sant Cogate. This is an indoor market which is home to some 80 permanent shops in the form of wooden huts. He works every Sunday, but the best time to hunt for unique things is the first Sunday of the month is the day to delivery of a new product. Here looking for vintage furniture, decor items, artwork and books.

6. Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, new York, USA

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

New York is one of the world’s fashion capitals, so at the local flea markets looking for primarily vintage clothing and accessories. At Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market go not only tourists and new Yorkers, but also designers. It is noteworthy that a quarter of its revenue the sellers give to the Fund to help young artists.

7. Ferikoy Flea Market, Istanbul, Turkey

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

East flea market from Monday to Saturday is a car Park, but on Sundays is a huge “flea market”, sparkling colored lamps, mirrors and gold plated utensils. Here you can buy everything from carpets to silk, from lamps to ceramics, from old posters to Turkish delicacies.

8. The Souks, Marrakech, Morocco

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

When local residents talk about the markets, they mean markets in the heart of the Medina (the old part of town – approx. ed.). Originally, this place traded only tanners, but in Marrakech you can buy carpets, poufs, shoes, Housewares, perfume and oil. And then to see how they do: manufacture boiling right in the shopping arcade.

9. Feria de San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

Feria de San Pedro Telmo is a kind of bright fair for lovers of vintage and rarity. Since 1971 in the market looking for memorabilia from a turbulent past of Argentina, interesting clothes and jewelry. Here buyers will be entertained by tango dancers and orchestra.

10. Monastiraki Flea Market, Athens, Greece

Десять самых интересных «блошиных» рынков. Фото

The Athens flea market Monastiraki during the week more like the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, but on Sundays, the merchants take out their tables on the street and sell all kinds of Antiques.

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