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Ten of the best masks for faster hair growth

Десять лучших масок для ускорения роста волос Almost every woman dreams of having long, thick and shiny hair

. And therefore the question of rapid growth is very acute and still relevant.

In stores you can find huge number of different cosmetic products offered by modern manufacturers, to stimulate growth, improvement, increase density and hair health. But in the proposed potential consumers of drugs include chemical and synthetic components that have a negative impact on the structure of the hair and skin of the head. Therefore, many people prefer to make masks at home from natural ingredients.

Home remedies and masks for hair growth have a number of advantages. They not only have a positive effect, but easy to prepare and use. In addition, substantially all components that are part of the homemade masks available and is very cheap. So help save a very decent amount of money, which is important for any family budget. Such tools are much more effective than those that can be purchased in stores, since their composition is all natural.

Best mask for hair growth – an effective folk recipes

1. Mask with butter and ginger, which stimulate the growth of hair.

Ginger has many useful properties, among which are the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp and accelerate hair growth. And the oil protects the skin and prevents irritation.

For the mask you need one tablespoon of jojoba oil or alternatively – sesame oil and the same amount of fresh ginger which must finely chop.

Components homemade masks for growth need to mix to obtain a homogeneous mass. The composition should gently but vigorously massage movements to RUB into the skin of the head. The product should be kept for about 30 minutes and then thoroughly rinse hair with warm but not hot water.

The mask is recommended for use before shampooing step and it should not be used if women have oily hair.

2. Masks for growth, castor oil for hair growth.

The reviews on the forums of women talking about the fact that one of the most popular available and effective remedies for growth of hair is compounds with castor oil which also has a beneficial effect on eyelashes. It is inexpensive, and you can buy it at any pharmacy and some shops.

• The easiest method for hair growth is to use castor oil in its pure form, without adding any ingredients. Oil before use, be sure to heat in a water bath. Then it is rubbed into the scalp and the hair roots. Then the head need to wrap with a towel. Keep this mask should be about half an hour. After this period of time the head should be washed with shampoo.
It should be noted that castor oil is washed off bad, but the effect is worth it. After several treatments, the hair is not only beginning to grow rapidly, but become thicker, healthier and longer abundantly appear, if there is such a problem.
• There is another mask for hair growth with castor oil, lemon and vodka. The last component activates hair follicles and the lemon juice is a storehouse of valuable vitamin C. So not only the hair nourished and moistened, but be filled with the required vitamins.
To prepare the mask you need to mix equal quantities of all components and massage into the hair roots before washing procedure.

3. Homemade face mask for growth with onions and honey

This mask will help a woman who urgently need to grow long and healthy hair.
For its preparation must grate or finely chop with a knife the onions and purchase high-quality natural honey. It is recommended to keep the ratio one to four, that is, to one part bee product taken four pieces of onion.
Components need to be mixed, and the resulting mixture is applied on the skin of the head and hair roots. After 45 minutes, you should rinse your head and hair with plenty of water, it is recommended not to use shampoo.

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4. Effective salt mask to stimulate hair growth
Home remedy: salt does not contribute to the nutrition of hair, but properly and optimally cleansed. To prepare this mask should take about four to six tablespoons of simple iodized salt, its amount depends on length of hair. Salt must be poured the same amount of boiled water.

The hair should be wet and apply the mixture on them, massaging rubbing salt into the scalp. A head massage must be done for about ten minutes, then wash your head and hair with shampoo.
The salt mask should be done once in seven days, but not often. It is recommended to use home remedy for hair growth six times and then pause for two or three months.

5. Mask with mustard for hair growth

A very simple tool that you can prepare in house conditions, stimulates hair growth. You need a small amount of dry mustard powder pour warm water and stir. Should be the consistency of liquid sour cream. The composition should be lightly rubbed into the scalp and then cover your head with a towel. The tool has to be kept in mind for about ten minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Mustard is pretty great stimulates quick hair growth, but there is a risk to burn them, especially if the structure of the hair weak and dry. For all diseases of the scalp mustard mask can not be used.
To reduce the excessive action of mustard can be added to the mask yolk, or yogurt, which will act as a softening base.

6. Masks with honey for fast hair growth

Bee product is considered to be one of the most effective means to maintain and preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin, hair and the whole organism. Honey is a natural antiseptic and contains a lot of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

As a hair mask honey can be applied in its pure form without adding any additional ingredients. The product is applied to pre-washed, clean hair and left for about 30 minutes and then washed off with plenty of water at room temperature.

A popular mask with honey, egg yolk egg and a few drops of lemon juice. All components are mixed, the resulting composition is applied to clean the head and kept for about an hour. After 60 minutes, the hair must be rinsed with warm but not hot water.

To enhance the action of the mask, you can add two teaspoons of tincture of capsicum.
Mask with honey and Apple cider vinegar not only helps I home effective means need to mix two tablespoons of natural quality of honey, one tablespoon of olive oil, which can be replaced by an ordinary sunflower, and a spoonful of Apple cider vinegar. The mask should be applied on your hair and in 30 minutes you should rinse with warm water.

7. Mask with pepper for the rapid growth of hair

Many women know that the tincture of the pods of red pepper, which can be purchased in the pharmacy at a low price, is an excellent remedy for strengthening and growth of hair.

If desired pepper tincture can be prepared at home, on their own. To do this, take hundred grams of ordinary vodka and one red hot chilli peppers. It must be crushed, pour vodka and insist in a dark place for 14 days.
Apply a pepper tincture on the skin of the head is necessary in a diluted form. Before the procedure, you should wash your hair and dry them.

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Variations of masks with tincture of capsicum a lot. As a mitigation framework to use, olive oil, honey, castor oil, egg yolk, yogurt.

For example, you can take one tablespoon of tincture of red pepper, one egg yolk, one tablespoon olive oil and one teaspoon of high quality honey. All natural and useful ingredients should be mixed and applied to the skin of the head with light massage movements.

Honey can replace one tablespoon of your favorite hair conditioner.
To achieve a good result, you should keep this mask for about 40 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse the hair with water at room temperature, it is not necessary to use hot water.

Recommended two treatments a week. With regular use, visible results can be seen after two months.

8. Nourishing mask from butter and eggs for the strengthening and growth of hair

To prepare a home remedy for hair growth, you need to prepare the following ingredients: one egg yolk, one teaspoon honey, one tablespoon of vegetable oil: olive oil or sunflower oil, one teaspoon of brandy and one teaspoon of dry powder of henna.

All the ingredients must be combined and carefully mixed. The resulting composition should be applied to the hair, then cover with plastic or wear a shower cap, then acutate towel and keep from 30 minutes to an hour. After the procedure, the hair should be washed with warm water.

9. Simple homemade face mask for growth and repair of hair out of the three oils

The oil contains many nutrients and vitamins, it moisturizes and nourishes and also promotes hair growth. With regular use of the mask of oils, they are strong, elastic, thick and shiny.

For making money at home, be sure to take equal amounts of coconut, castor and olive oil. The resulting composition should be slightly heated, for this purpose you can use a water bath or microwave.
The mixture should be applied with light massage movements on the skin of the head and hair roots. After the composition has been applied, hair must be covered with foil or plastic wrap, then insulate using a Terry towel or a scarf. The mask should be kept for at least 40 minutes, ideally one hour.

To enhance the action in a homemade mask, you can add a few drops of vitamin E, which also, if you wish, you can add to your favorite shampoo to wash your hair or conditioner.

10. The mask of yogurt for hair

Women of the East are renowned for the presence of chic hair, which differ in the length, density, and strength. The secret of dazzling tresses is very simple. Before shampooing Oriental girls put on the hair milk products: kefir or yogurt.
For effective hair mask you need to take plain kefir or yogurt and apply over the entire length of the strands. To avoid the specific smell of sour milk and enhance the effect of a simple mask, you can add a few drops of any essential oil.

Each of the fair sex dreamed at least once in a lifetime to grow long and beautiful hair. This process takes quite a long time and requires a serious approach. In a month hair grows on average one centimeter.

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