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Ten most beautiful synagogues in the world

Десять самых красивых в мире синагогPlaces with unusual architecture.

The synagogue is not just the room where Jews pray or perform religious rituals. Often it is also the most beautiful architectural creation with a difficult history. Along with the other monuments and memorials, synagogues are often one of the main attractions of the city. We offer you to see this by looking at a selection of the 10 most beautiful Jewish houses collections from around the world — from Myanmar to Germany and from Jerusalem to Buenos Aires.

Synagogue Musmeah Yeshua

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

Synagogue Musmeah Yeshua — preserved evidence that in his time Jewish community in Myanmar has been on the rise. Today it is the only synagogue in the country. The building was built in 1893-1896. Iraqi Jews on the site of a small synagogue, built in 1854 and still there are Church services, although in the country there are only 20 Jews. The caretaker of the synagogue, Mr. Samuels (whose son tours Jewish memorial places of the country), shows visitors two scrolls of the Torah and takes them to the top floor to the little window through which you can actually with a bird’s eye to appreciate the beauty of the high arches, chandeliers and a unique internal finishing of wood. Unfortunately, given the paucity of the Jewish community in Yangon, the future of the synagogue is uncertain now, so if you suddenly find yourself in Myanmar, be sure to go to Musmeah.

Address: 26th street, Yangon, Myanmar

The Grand choral synagogue

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

Luxury Grand choral synagogue was opened in St. Petersburg in 1893 and recently it was restored, restoring it to its former greatness. This synagogue is truly huge — it is called the second largest in Europe.

The height of this building (the Central dome to the Foundation) is 47 meters. The synagogue, established in the warm Moorish style, can take under its vaults to 1200 people — tourists also often come in a lovely courtyard. On the territory of the synagogue is a kosher restaurant and a kosher store products where you can buy a couple of Souvenirs — for example, nesting dolls-Rabbi.

Address: Lermontovsky prospect, 2, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Synagogue Belz Hasidut

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

Synagogue Belz Hasidut — the largest in Israel. It is designed in the image and likeness of the synagogue, which stood in the Ukrainian town of Belz, Ukraine (Lviv oblast) and was destroyed during the Holocaust. So today, Israeli synagogue serves both as a place of religious service, and a symbol of victory over Nazi tornado. For the construction of the Belz Hasidut — and at the time of construction of the synagogue in Belz, gone 15 years. The walls of the building can simultaneously accommodate up to 10 thousand people. In her Synagogue ark with a height of 12 meters can store up to 70 Torah scrolls for Belz Hasidut is even listed in the Guinness Book of records, because usually in the synagogues, not stored for more than six scrolls. Under the arches of the synagogue, hanging of 9 luxury chandeliers, each with more than 200 thousand items of Bohemian crystal — thanks to this, the interior looks solemn and elegant, like a ballroom.

Address: ul Binat har Jisas, 5, Jerusalem, Israel

Pardesi Synagogue

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

Pardesi synagogue — the oldest active synagogue in India. It was built in 1568 by the community of Sephardic Jews who lived in these lands. The word Paradesi in some dialects of this region means “stranger, alien” that eloquently explains how “their” was this structure for local residents. All visitors and worshippers who come to the synagogue, must take off your shoes and barefoot walk on a ceramic tile floor, hand-painted. Inside the synagogue, a collection of unique antique items, there are Oriental rug and gold crowns, and the Ark that holds the Torah scroll 4.

Address: Synagogue lane, Copelandia, Kochi, India

Synagogue Ohel Yakov

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

The Ohel Yaakov synagogue, to Hebrew. “Tent of Jacob” — was designed by architects Rena Wandel-Hoefer and Wolfgang Lorch (the project won in the corresponding contest in 2001). The building was built in a modernist style — it is “tight” in the metal grid cube of glass, which stands on a stone Foundation. The project marks one of the many tents in which the Jews lived during the Exodus. The synagogue’s interior is also decorated in a modern style — the walls are covered with smooth, polished wood and adorned with Golden inscriptions. The history of the synagogue is interesting as much as its architecture — the first Ohel Yakov was standing a couple of blocks from the current and was destroyed in 1938 during the Nazi occupation. The current synagogue is located on the territory of the new Jewish center, which also has a Jewish Museum and, in fact, the very Community center. Synagogue and Center building connected by a Corridor of memory that is dedicated to the 5 thousands of Munich citizens murdered by the Nazis.

Address: square St. Jacob, 18, Munich, Germany

The great synagogue in Sydney

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

An ignorant traveler might confuse the Great synagogue in Sydney with the Catholic Cathedral — so much it resembles a Gothic French or German Church. She is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of religious significance in Australia. This Jewish synagogue, whose construction was completed in 1878, is located in the heart of Sydney, and it combines the influences of Gothic and Byzantine styles. This synagogue is beautiful both inside and out — the-window in the gable and powerful columns lend grandeur to the facade, and the blue vaulting with gold stars — create a solemn atmosphere inside the building. In the synagogue are regular guided tours — at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the synagogue often hosts cultural events — it is among the objects of the city, which hosted the Sydney festival of arts. In particular, there are musical performances — thanks to the excellent acoustics of the synagogue is for them suitable.

Address: Castlereagh street, 166, Sydney, Australia

Tamla Libertad

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

Argentina has the largest Jewish community in South America, and there is the largest synagogue in this part of the world. This Jewish synagogue — Tamla Libertad (Freedom Church) — located in the heart of Buenos Aires. On the front wall of the synagogue, just under a stone arch in the Roman style is a huge Star of David. Inside the synagogue — luxury chandeliers high arches, rows of beautiful wooden benches and a red carpet. The Jewish community of Argentina today is quite heterogeneous and this is reflected in the services in the synagogue. They hold two Shabbat services — one traditional and the other more liberal, young people.

– Address: Libertad 769, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Synagogue in SOHO

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

If you are a hipster and want to go to a Jewish religious service, go to the synagogue SOHO. Like most other rooms in the area, this place looks from the outside is not what really is. Visitors need to get inside, to understand that this is not just another store (as you would think from the outside looking at the entrance showcase), and a place to pray. Synagogue in SOHO is radically different from the usual Jewish houses of Assembly, there is a Jewish religious practice quite naturally combined with urban aesthetics. Inside on the wall of this small synagogue can be seen painted menorah and the modernist Magen David.

Address: St Crosby, 43, new York, USA

The Budapest Great synagogue

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

The great synagogue is the real treasure of Budapest. Built in the Moorish style brick building is decorated with two tall towers with domed cupolas and a huge window with a rosette above the main entrance. The synagogue’s interior is as majestic as the outside — inside, there are frescoes with geometric patterns and mechanical organ. This building has an interesting history — in a small house, which stood near the place where now there is a synagogue, was born the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl (now this place is the Jewish Museum). To the synagogue complex also includes Memorial Park Raoul Wallenberg, in which there is a monument to the victims of the Holocaust — metal weeping willow — created by sculptor Imre Varga.

Address: Dohany str., 2, Budapest, Hungary

New synagogue

Десять самых красивых в мире синагог

New synagogue in Berlin was built in 1866 under the influence of the architectural style used in the project the fortified residence of the Alhambra in Spanish Granada. Impressive dome at a height of 50 meters above the ground decorated with a gorgeous gold netting and other decorative items in Oriental style. On either side of the main dome are two smaller one on the left and the other on the right wing. During the bombing of Berlin by allied troops, the synagogue (which was converted by the Nazis as a warehouse) are very badly affected — a significant portion of the building was destroyed. After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, it was the only synagogue, which was rebuilt literally from the Foundation from the old buildings remained only the pediment and the dome restored. During spring and summer (April to September) everyone can climb to the top of the synagogue, and on its dome.

Address: Oranienburger Strasse 28-30, Berlin, Germany

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