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Ten facts about the flu, about which few people know

Десять фактов о гриппе, о которых мало кто знаетTherapists told everything you need to know about the flu.

Influenza is a serious viral disease that, in the absence of proper treatment can lead to serious complications. But this does not stop many people and they do not trust the treatment process physicians and trying to heal yourself, which is dangerous and almost impossible. All because of the similarity of symptoms between influenza and SARS, as well as banal cold, although, in reality, these signs are very different.

These facts about the flu you might not know:

The temperature of the body. When infected with influenza virus in humans almost immediately increased body temperature and is stable within 3-5 days, but in the case of complications after the disease period, when the thermometer will indicate the temperature rise during the week and more.

Infection. It turns out that people in the body which is the flu virus can infect anyone who is with him in the same room some time.

Vaccination. To get vaccinated against the flu, doctors recommend, but this is optional and not always effective.

A visit to the baths. In this place, a good sweat, but the flu soared in any case impossible.

The effectiveness of respiratory masks. The researchers found that using the people still infected with this or that infection, but at the same time it should be worn sick with the flu, so he would not infect others, but to change the mask must be no less frequently than every 1.5-2 hours.

Symptoms. The flu can occur without one of these symptoms that always misleads doctors: high fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat. But the patient may be vomiting, which he immediately otmoknet the probability of influenza virus infection.

Influenza and alcohol. Doctors forbid you to drink alcohol during the illness, because they irritate the throat, increase swelling, and the negative impact of toxins on the blood vessels.

A relapse of the flu. Transferred to the legs disease and non-compliance with doctor’s recommendations increase the risk of getting the flu again in the near future.

Flu and taking antibiotics. By itself, the flu is not treated with antibiotics, but complications such as pneumonia that requires antibiotic therapy.

Water treatment. “Grandma” at all times asserted need to lie down for three days with flu and a good sweat. It makes sense, but with sweat releases toxins from the body, and they definitely need a rinse in the shower. But hair washing is not necessary, because due to wet and long dry hair, the patient may be supercooled and feel worse.

The manifestation of the first symptoms of the flu or even SARS should make you visit a therapist or call it home, but do not leave the problem unattended.

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