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Ten effective ways to strengthen hair

Десять эффективных способов укрепления волосThey will help to strengthen hair.

The loss of hair can be a variety of reasons – from lack of micronutrients to genetic predisposition or serious diseases. And to solve the problem, it is important not to eliminate the consequence and the cause.

1. To start is to find out whether the hair loss pathology. The day we lose up to a hundred hair and it is considered normal. Try a simple test: please note, whether at the end of the fallen hair pouch (bulb)? Bulbs not? This means that hair loss is within normal limits, and it is possible not to worry.

2. Onion have? Do another test. Don’t wash your hair for two to three days, and then pull the hair at the crown and at the temples. In the hands of left more than five hair? You urgently need to see a doctor-trichologist.

3. Look in the family album. If the old photos you look balding ancestors most likely you have androgenetic alopecia. It is not a disease, but an unfortunate property, whose development can be delayed and symptoms be reduced, but completely avoiding it is impossible. In this case, too, you should consult a trichologist.

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4. Ask your relatives to watch you in your sleep. Pretty rare kind of neurosis, which is manifested by pulling hairs in a dream.

5. If possible, take a couple of weeks. Get enough sleep, eat properly, do not be nervous. Then observe the condition of the hair. If they began to fall less, to cope with the problem, you need to change the way of life.

6. Refrain from tight hats – “greenhouses”, but not sport without a cap at 20 °C frost. Both disrupts the blood supply to hair follicles.Hairdryer harmful to the hair

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7. Rarely use a Hairdryer, metal and plastic combs with frequent teeth, give preference to a wooden comb and massage brush. Try not to comb wet hair, let them dry out.

8. Get tested. It is useful to consult an endocrinologist and get tested for hormones, sugar, pass reoentsefalografii and other tests. You can also contact specialists investigating the content of chemical elements in hair. Through surveys, you will be able to choose products for strengthening hair.

9. Consult with a nutritionist. With the aim of improving the diet it is best to conduct a computer analysis of the body’s needs for nutrients and the actual supply of them.

10. In some cases hair loss can be a symptom of serious diseases (including diabetes mellitus, anemia, hormonal imbalance in women, exhaustion of the nervous system). Consult a doctor to rule out these diseases.

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