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Ten beneficial properties of coffee, which few people know

Десять полезных свойств кофе, о которых мало кто знаетScientists have found several new properties of coffee that have a benefit to human health.

American scientists have conducted a lot of research to find out how caffeine affects human health, which found that this substance has anti-inflammatory properties, and they, in turn, hinder the development of many diseases, including heart and blood vessels.

About these healing properties of coffee you might not know:

1. Increase the efficiency of man. The use of pure caffeine leads to increased endurance and performance as well as energy levels, so coffee drinkers can boast higher efficiency, than other people.

2. Protection from diabetes of the second type. If you drink coffee every day, the risk of diabetes is reduced by almost 50%. This property of the beverage was identified by scientists as a result of dozens of studies.

3. Prevention of gout. It turns out that coffee can prevent this disease of the joints, as the gout, and all because it improves metabolism.

4. Tool for weight loss. Caffeine acts on fat cells as a stimulus. Plus, daily consumption of coffee helps to speed up metabolism, and it means that with this drink you can lose weight quickly.

5. The prevention of cancer. It is known that antioxidants are the biggest enemies of cancer. Coffee is a natural antioxidant, perhaps that is why he is able to protect the body from malignant tumors.

6. Calm the nervous system. Scientists have proven that coffee affects the human brain, like antidepressants, so the use of the drink can be called one of the best ways to prevent depression and bad mood.

7. Prevention of gallstone disease. Substances included in coffee, including caffeine, can reduce the risk of developing gallstones by 25% – this property is proved by researchers from Harvard University.

8. Prevention of Parkinson’s disease. US scientists several years ago, one study revealed that regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease by 20%.

9. Good memory. Caffeine has a positive effect on cerebral blood flow, accelerating it, due to what coffee people improves memory.

10. The rejuvenation of the body. In coffee antioxidant substances taking care to preserve the youth of each cell, respectively, people who consume coffee regularly will look younger than their peers.

It turns out that coffee drinkers are much more likely to live longer than those who refuse drinks containing caffeine.

Remember, coffee is beneficial to health only if his drink 1-2 cups a day and it’s natural.

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