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Telescope TESS found another exoplanet

Телескоп TESS нашел еще одну экзопланетуHunter exoplanets made both findings just over a month in orbit.

Telescope TESS found second exoplanet. This planet is slightly larger than Earth, she revolves around LHS 3844 (a red dwarf class M) at a distance of 49 light years from us and makes a full revolution around its star every 11 hours.

The speed says that the planet is very close to the star, gets too large a dose of radiation and is suffering from solar flares. Scientists called it the “hot Land”, which is probably uninhabited.

The first finding was “super-earths” π Men, at a distance of 60 light years from Earth, according to scientists, 5 times heavier than our planet. It is assumed that she has a rock-iron core and the composition is very similar to Neptune, that is, contains water, methane, hydrogen and helium.

Both exoplanets were discovered in the first month of operation of the telescope TESS, who changes his position each month for the best review.

TESS is watching a field of stars by analyzing their brightness. If these stars have planets passing between the telescope and the star, the tool registers a slight drop in brightness. The observation of several such events, known as transits, makes it possible to calculate the size of planets and the time of year.

The research team also used ground-based telescopes to study star systems to confirm reliability of the received signal. This, in turn, gave them some idea of the temperature on the surface of the planet – 531° C.

Due to the high temperature of the exoplanet and its proximity to star scientists are asking whether it exist the atmosphere. If so, this could mean that the planet formed much farther from its sun, but eventually approached the star in the process of aging, as the authors claim. This proximity to the red dwarf also gives scientists the chance to explore the atmosphere of exoplanets.

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