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Tele2 launched the first in Russia simkomat with biometric protection

The operator Tele2 is distinguished in the whole country, announcing the launch of the first in Russia of simkomat with biometric protection. This is a vending machine selling SIM cards, which uses facial recognition for identification.

This feature allows you to use simkomat not only to issue a SIM card on an existing contract, but new subscribers if they have current and valid on the territory of Russia passport. In other words, one machine can easily replace half the staff in point of sale. In the new simkomat Tele2 uses a special scanner passports Penta Scanner Cube 2, which works with a special camera that scans the user’s face.

The system compares the scan of the face with the photo in the passport and in case of coincidence enables the client to buy a SIM card or become a subscriber of Tele2. The completion of the contract occurs automatically by scanning the text from the pages of the passport. The first smart simkomat in Russia was installed at Vnukovo airport, but probably more to come soon, and they will appear outside our nation’s capital. Recall that in Russia no longer allowed to legally buy a SIM card without a passport, so the appearance of these machines is consistent with the current legislation.

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