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Tele-King. Vote for the best TV adaptation of Stephen king!

Not so long ago, we chose the best Amateur short film based on stories by Stephen king, and before that voted for best and worst novels of the master. Creative legacy of the King of Horror, however, is so large and diverse that there will always be another subject for hot debate and discussion. Today let’s talk about Stephen king on the small screen.

We counted on 25 television movies, mini-series and TV shows that were either filmed on the grounds of specific works of the king, or on the basis of written scripts. Of course, this list could be expanded to individual segments separate television shows that were filmed on the stories (for example, the episode “Granny” from “the Twilight zone”) or scripts (one of the series “Secret materials”) by Stephen Batkovich. But it was not quite fair to compare a full-fledged series like “Under the dome” and short episodes of other TV productions. So we restrict the list of 25 projects.

But this vote does not limit – you can mark any number of positions, all at least 25. Vote for what you like, write about your choice in the comments. But in the end we will be able to see what the appearance of the king on small screens can be considered the best and which are not worth the attention of the public.

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