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Teddy bears from hell will make your room really creepy

Kids love Teddy bears, girls love Teddy bears, even some men love Teddy bears. In General, everyone loves them. Soft, paunchy and mistakes of their predecessors – fellow-Winnie-the-Pooh are always in trend, and not so easy to find a toy popular.

A guy named Lee Howard (Lee Howard) loves bears. He loves horror and has many years gives birth to the light of Teddy bears in the horror style. Damn it, this is a must see. Such toys anyone not present. If suitable to the case is very creative and turns mils plush monsters – terrible creatures with a recognizable appearance, because inspiration is the Creator draws (who would have thought?) in horror movies.

The creation of the next batch of creep-bears most directly affected “Hellraiser”. Just look at these beauties. Would buy these? Well, that Cenobite plush will decorate your sofa and will protect it from the cat’s pretensions – don’t have to constantly clean it from the hair. Perhaps, to the sofa with such bears not that Pets are not suitable, but and relatives.

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Somehow, it seems that you should turn off the light, as these bears will begin to discuss evil plans. How to sacrifice a Canary, for example. In General, these guys will not be bored at home. And if suddenly will be, can be addicted to them Pennywise.

Yes, a little earlier If preparing for the long awaited premiere of “It’s” Andres, Moschetti, created and bear-clown. This fellow is no less creepy, but if you look… God, Yes him in the stomach carved a hole where now splashing the boat Georgie! And balls, the fucking red balls here.

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Lee leads Facebook page under the name Quiet Room Bears, which tells us about his work, shows the outline, lays out interesting videos. For example, he recently visited a creepy house-ride of “It” about which we talked. Of course, he went there not once, but a monster-bear. In General, look him up on Facebook, there is not only you can admire the plush kripotou, but also to buy something for yourself.

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