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Teaser trailer for the horror film “Endless” attracts a cult

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are a Duo of young and talented filmmakers. On their account there is a good genre things “Spring” and “break-up”, they also had a hand in the horror anthology “V/h/S About: a New virus”. And not so long ago these guys made a film called “Endless” (The Endless), to which we drew attention in April, simultaneously with a world premiere at the festival “Tribeca.” To rental it is not yet reached; in fact, to a wide range of spectators got virtually nothing, except for a couple of frames and impressive passage. Today, however, we have something to share with you.

In the network appeared the teaser trailer of the picture, a very warm welcome by festival critics. Benson and Moorhead – creative guys, praise them for the innovation and boldness, and the available materials on the “Endless” promise something very atmospheric.

Recall the story:

In the center of the story two brothers, Aaron and Justin. After escaping from a cult many years ago, they barely make ends meet, and trying to leave the past behind. But once the brothers receive a mysterious message. All indicators – from their former “family”. Aaron insists that we need to come back and find out, and Justin reluctantly agrees. Once in place, Aaron quickly falls under the influence of Hal, the leader of the sect. Soon in the desert camp of the group begin to happen unexplained things, and the brothers realize that the strange supernatural beliefs of the cult are unfounded.

Aaron and Justin played Aaron and Justin, I mean themselves writers-Directors. Otherwise they have a million dollar budget to lure superstars difficult. Also, the caste was noted by Tate Ellington (“Sinister 2”), Callie Hernandez (“Blair Witch: a New Chapter”), Lew temple (“the devil’s rejects”), James Jordan (TV’s “Fargo”), Emily Montague (“fright Night”) RIC Sarabia (“American horror story”) and Peter Cilella (“Infection: Phase 2”). In principle, the company good, especially for an independent movie.

So, what do we have in the end? The secrets of the sect, two types… And the unknown horror, of course. The concept is interesting, the location is great, the video is intriguing. In short, you need to take. The film is due out in rent in home in the beginning of next year, then it is worth waiting for the release in digital form. If it gets to Russian cinema is still unknown.

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