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Teaser of the second season of “the Preacher”

Dashing, stylish and atmospheric series that adapts for television the story of the eponymous comic book series, will return in June. So in anticipation of the second season of “the Preacher,” keep the funny official teaser of this case. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

I must say that the comic was very good. The creators, writer Garth Ennis, and artists Steve Dillon and Glenn Fabry, did a great job. The strongest cocktail of Western, religious and occult mysticism, richly flavored with dark humor — that’s what a Preacher. For television the facade of history, of course, refurbish: the hero is no longer similar to Leontiev, is a fashionable beard performed by Dominic Cooper, slightly cloying blonde Tulip O’hare became the hot brunette in the performance of Irish Ruth Negga. Well, in my opinion, the main decoration of the cast — Joseph Gilgan, perfectly adapted to the image of the vampire-gouging Cassidy. All three of them you can see in the following video. In addition, some time ago, we shared footage from the second season, and also spoke about the new addition to the cast of the show.

Still recall the story:

Priest Jesse Custer will become a carrier within his nature a strange creature named Genesis. This child copulation of an angel and a demon, is a pure ideal and the essence of light, but also a bunch of absolute evil. Genesis is the only being in the Universe that can stand on a par with God, if they wish, and the media automatically becomes the most powerful being in the material world. And this preacher caster.

So, the Preacher will come back to kick ass of God himself, already on 19 June this year.

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