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Team of the series “Mist” says about Stephen king (VIDEO)

If you read the Area interested in Horror and dark genre, with a probability of 99% should appreciate Stephen king. This is logical. I love ugly – like the King of Horror. Maybe not all of his work, but individual works or adaptations – almost surely. Because king is a lump not only in the world of horror, but in the modern media space in General. It turns out that his fans live everywhere. Including on the set of his film adaptations.

In the summer on SPIKE TV sitcom “the Mist” (The Mist) at the same work by king. We it is known as “Fog”, but the localizers, the first film adaptation from Darabont must have feared confusion with other “Mists” – with carpenteresque, for example. And so it went. Well, “Haze” and “Haze”, the fans in the topic, failed to have knowed not. Importantly, the product was high quality, and there is at least as call.

About the show we wrote a lot from the last: live from the set and blood-tin teaser. In anticipation of the premiere on the official YouTube channel SPIKE TV are increasingly curious videos. Today watch mini-interviews with the creators: showrunner Christian Thorpe and the actors talking about Stephen king, the peculiarities of his work and their favorite works. Conversations are diluted with shots from the series, sometimes very juicy. Careful, English.

In the TV series starred Alyssa Sutherland (Vikings), Gus Birney (“Doctors Chicago”), Darren petty (“Mad men”), Morgan Spector (“boardwalk Empire”), the owner of “Golden globe” Frances Conroy (“six feet under”) and Akesi Morro, Danica Curcic and Russell Posner.

“Haze” will cover our cities on 22 June 2017.

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