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Teacher Italy require wages in Europe

Учителя Италии требуют зарплаты как в ЕвропеSalaries in Italy are considered to be the weak point of the education system

In Italy the enormous public attention attracted double the petition teachers to the Ministry of education, which raised the issue of teachers ‘ salaries.

About it writes La Repubblica reports.

The first requirement of the petition to raise the salaries of Italian teachers to the level of their colleagues from the EU. The second petition requires to equalize wages and hours of work for the teachers from kindergarten to University.

Discussion regarding the salaries of teachers in Italy has become a hot topic that drew the attention of companies.

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As the newspaper notes, the salaries in Italy believe the weak point of the education system. According to the data of 2013-14, in early career primary school teacher gets 22,394 Euro per hour (without taxes), to the pension, this figure rises to € 32,924. In Germany this indicator is, respectively, 38 and 51 euros.

Middle school teachers start out as colleagues from higher: € 24,141 early in his career; but the first to the end of a career will receive € 36,157 and the second 37,799 EUR.

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At the same time for elementary teachers provided 24 hours of training per week compared to 18 hours for secondary and higher education institutions.

“It is impossible to be in Europe, feeling the inequality of salaries between teachers of different countries. Our European colleagues are working on average less than the Italians, but receive a higher salary, not living a nightmare of uncertainty, as in Italy, they have more opportunities for professional growth, improve social conditions, promote health”, – the document says.

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