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Tea with honey: when, to whom and how to consume the drink

Чай с медом: когда, кому и как правильно употреблять напитокTea with honey is incredibly healthy drink for humans. How to use it, we describe below.

Another rule: it is better to drink tea with honey without diluting it in a beverage and eating a bit of sugar. Thus all the vitamins contained in honey is absorbed better.

Use for eye
American ophthalmologist Mary Ham argues that black tea with Linden honey is a wonderful natural cure that minimizes the negative influence of computer radiation on the eye. Her recommendation for a great view – at least three cups of black tea and Linden honey in a day. According to research scientists from the University of Hong Kong, the antioxidants in green tea are able to prevent the development of glaucoma.

Tea with honey for a hangover
It turns out that tea with honey is a great cure for a hangover, he actively breaks down all the harmful substances and removes them from the body. The next day after a big party with alcohol, drink tea with honey or eat a piece of black bread with honey.
For weight loss

Honey help to lose weight, if not only to RUB it into the skin or doing wraps on problem areas, but also to use it inside. All the vitamins and minerals contained in honey, improve the activity of the digestive tract. The regimen is this: every morning fasting drink a glass of warm water with 1 tsp of honey. If you want you can add a few drops of lemon and cinnamon. To drink this drink every day should be for at least 1 month.

Drink for insomnia
Tea with honey will help to relieve nervous tension and relax before bed. A few hours before sleep, brew yourself a Cup of delicious drink. If you feel a light sweat after drinking, it means you’re doing it right. For this reason, to drink tea with honey should walk after, and not before it.

To prevent diseases
Every day eat 1 tsp of honey. Take the spoon in your mouth and allow to dissolve slowly product can drink tea or water. If you want you can make herbal infusions. The body will thank you.

It is not necessary to use honey and tea with honey if you are going to go outside, because honey has diaphoretic properties. One should not consume honey in large quantities, because honey is still a fairly high-calorie product. If you suffer from diabetes or allergies – consult your doctor.

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