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Tea bags were useful dear

Чай в пакетиках оказался полезнее дорогогоIt turned out that the budget tea bags may be preferable for a healthy diet than tea, which is usually marketed as higher quality and is much more expensive.

In particular, researchers experiment helped establish that people who consumed tea cheap, dental health has improved significantly compared to participants who did not drink this tea.

According to experts, it may be due to the fact that cheap tea bags contain a lot more fluoride that remain in the drink after brewing.

Perhaps the tea bags do not give enchanting fragrance and will have exquisite taste, from the point of view of dentistry, it is preferable due to the abundance of fluorine, brewed him a drink will help strengthen teeth. In addition, it prevents plaque buildup, said the scientists.

Also, in their opinion, packaged the tea in General is good for health. “To maintain immunity every day to drink 3-4 cups of inexpensive tea bags” – appears in the publication, the authors of the project.
Previously, scientists came to the conclusion that regular consumption of green and black tea is an excellent prevention of dementia.

“If you drink tea every day, your risk of dementia drops by 50%, and in the presence of the “dementia gene” the probability of formation of toxic deposits in the brain will be less by 86%,” – said the doctors.

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