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Taxi, taxi, take me, take me

Такси, такси, вези, вези

The Moscow authorities have taken the initiative to monitor the income of drivers of a Metropolitan taxi and asked to convert their salaries.

Officials of the Moscow Department of transport has sent a working group of the state Duma, develops the bill of the taxi, a number of proposals for monitoring activity in this market. In particular, we are talking about the introduction of a minimum wage for taxi drivers. About this in comments to the edition “Kommersant” said the press service of the Moscow transport Department.

According to the Department of transport, labor, drivers must ensure that the aggregators. Officials say that taxi aggregators can easily count the number of their inputs and to take into account the salaries of taxi drivers in the fee charged for their services. For this reason, they can also easily define a decent level of pay to the taxi driver. As a guide, the Department proposes to consider the average monthly salary of bus driver in Moscow – about 65-70 thousand rubles.

In comments to the edition, the representative of the public Council of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation Alexey Popkov, member of Union Taxi driver noticed that the Moscow taxi driver for one shift can earn from a half to three thousand rubles. The expert noted that aggregators can pay taxi drivers salary only if between the two sides will be signed an employment contract.

Currently, taxi drivers are not employees of the aggregators, as the latter is an information mediator between the taxi company and the passenger, say representatives of one of the largest aggregators for taxi GK “Lucky”. According to the aggregator, the services currently already take many steps to ensure that the taxi drivers were increased income, in particular, subsidizing travel for a short distance.

Paul Stennikov, representing the service “Maxim” said that the taxi aggregators define the modalities for the accounting of trips, not allowing the vast segment of transportation to go into the shadows. In turn, the representative of GK “Lucky” adds that the desire of the city Department of transportation to take care of the salaries of the taxi drivers are correct, but this initiative still requires significant improvement. The newspaper also has requested comment on the account in “Yandex.Taxi”, but the response from the service followed.

Note that the submitted to the Duma a bill on taxi provides also the duty of taxi drivers to obtain a work permit, and the taxi service will have to inform the authorities about the beginning of the activity. The Parliament planned to review the document this week, but was postponed due to a large load. In particular, one of the authors of the document, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on transport Vitaly Efimov in a conversation with media said that the bill can be passed in the first reading next week, after which the document will be followed by corrections.

According to mister Yefimov, aggregators currently carry out their activities outside the law, so there is a need to regulate this issue. According to the Deputy, the services need to provide a comfortable and legitimate.

We will add that this is not the first attempt of the Moscow Department of transport to resolve the situation in the taxi market. In October this year, the Department has proposed at the legislative level to prohibit aggregators to control the cost of travel and to provide this opportunity directly to the carriers. Then the taxi companies noted that this can lead to more-established competition, but the aggregators this idea was criticized and said that this will lead to an increase in prices for taxi services.

According to Stanislav Shvagerus, head of the competence center of International Eurasian forum taxi, today there is no urgent need to establish a minimum level of remuneration to taxi drivers. However, the principles of formation of tariffs, including the Commission of mediation, it is necessary to conduct a detailed correction, the expert believes.

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