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Taxes assume reciprocity

Налоги предполагают взаимность

Already 45% of Russians consider it possible not to pay taxes.

It is not going to condemn those for whom self comes to the body. It’s simple: taxes assume reciprocity. That is, I pay and in return something get. Important: do not baton on the head. For example, have the right to representation in government, not the United Russia party model “we all Volodya”. For example, support in a crisis. For example, the right to influence decisions — from country to district.

And we instead receive a postal vote for Putin and eternal 100 billion on the two helicopter: dear Russians saved yet not all African dictators.

And by the way: 45% not wanting to pay taxes is actually much more because for all the public sector pays the state itself. Just runs them in his pocket and takes out the money, and they have no clue. The mantra about the 13% lies and propaganda. It must be added the premiums, most of which we will never see because sooner or later they will go to another Crimea, Syria, etc. Real taxes good and confident surpasses 40% and if you calculate even just the repair with the “Plato” and garbage — and much higher.

So again, I repeat: one of the first reforms we need to implement a tax to everyone — for itself. Pay for yourself. Hands on — full amount and then a lot of money there, a lot of money here. And it became obvious that each helicopter is uneaten loaf, nakoplenie medicine, unfinished hospital, this sea, which has not bathed, and the plane flew away.

And, of course, part of the taxes we have to distribute for yourself: here’s the pile — it who? Shoigu to feed, Solovyov on litter or in medicine, for example? Huh? Only then will the state start to become similar to their Homeland.


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