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Tasty and healthy fruit diet for weight loss

Вкусно и полезно: фруктовая диета для похуденияTo lose weight, do not have to exhaust your body with hunger strikes.

Fruit diet is a potent support of the body during the winter of hypovitaminosis, a great way to get rid of excess weight.

To follow this diet at any time of year, but summer is of course easier, because many beneficial fruits you can find in the garden.

Fruits provide the body with minerals and vitamins. They contain in their composition the pectin and insoluble fiber, great cleans the body of toxins. With regular use, fruit diet markedly improves the condition of hair, nails and skin.

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Fruit diets:

Diet different fruits.
A combined diet (a combination of fruits and other products).
Mono-diet a large number. But they need to be careful so as not to harm the body.

Diet with different fruits. This option is most often used as the most enjoyable. It implies for three days to eat a variety of fruits, while combining them with other components. Fill these salads with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice.

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The third type of diets are known as the safest because the duration of the course can be increased to seven days.

Remember that no matter how useful or fruits, they can harm the body if consumed in large quantities.

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