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Tara Reade & Rose McGowan: Surviving rape culture and the Democratic cult

In 1993, I was a young staffer for then Senator Joe Biden. In 2019, I spoke about Joe Biden sexually harassing and assaulting me when I worked for him. I tried to come forward then but was silenced. There is an inherent danger coming forward about any powerful man but in America it has become especially true when it is a Democrat. Politics has always been a blood sport. I knew as I finally came forward about my history with Joe Biden I walked into the gladiator’s ring and the fight would be to the end. It was intimidating and those lions are big but I kept speaking my truth. When I spoke up in solidarity with the other seven women about Joe Biden’s behavior, I was quickly marginalized and called a Russian agent. In 2020, the U.S. media took aim and used me as target practice all summer with either smears on my character or suppressing my story. With the exceptions of a few brave journalists, like Megyn Kelly, Rich McHugh, Amy Goodman, Ryan Grim and Katie Halper, I was shoved aside. At one point, my story was first told in the sports section of a newspaper, unclear why but I was clearly used as a political football during the election cycle.

Tara Reade in 1993 © Tara Reade

Every time a serious story about me came forward, the rumors of me being a Russian agent would feature in the media. The neo McCarthyism is the new default for Democrats to sideline anyone that gets in the way of their agenda. In America, it is dangerous to call someone a traitor and after the media labeled me, I immediately received death threats. One of my most outspoken public defenders was Rose McGowan. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“When I spoke to you, I saw trauma and I saw truth,” said Rose McGowan.

In my book, “Left Out When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In,” activist, director, author and former actor Rose McGowan shared her thoughts in the foreword about learning my story and the consequences I rendered regarding coming forward about Joe Biden in April of 2019. I decided to sit down with Rose and talk about how we came to know each other and the subsequent blacklisting of us both by the U.S. media.

“Helping you succeeded in getting me completely blacklisted in the mainstream media in America,” Rose recalled.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats and the Me Too movement is not anything new. It was done to Rose, Juanita Broaddrick and others. The Democratic party is not only complicit with rape, it empowers the predators all the while hiding behind rhetoric that women are protected. I am a woman, I was a Democrat, and I was not protected. One of the unfortunate consequences of the fall-out for this U.S. Presidential election is the chilling effect my experience is having on other survivors. My coming forward and the resulting attacks on me illustrated the very dire consequences of anyone coming forward about a powerful person, most especially a Democrat. However, I do not regret coming forward about my history with Joe Biden, nor speaking up against xenophobia and the absurd anti-Russia narratives being weaponized to brainwash American citizens.

The whitewashing of Joe Biden and his misogynistic behavior for decades has been deftly cleaned up by the Democratic power structure. Recently, Glenn Greenwald , who founded the Intercept, resigned publicly because his article that was critical of Joe Biden was suppressed. Greenwald lamented that independent journalists are frustrated by the way they are being kept from printing balanced articles about Joe Biden. The U.S. propaganda machine chugs away with the illusion of freedom of the press and freedom of speech nothing more than a pretty fiction.

I was naïve to think that my revelations about my experiences as a young staffer would be fairly covered in the U.S. media. Instead, I was not only silenced but punished for my audacity of coming forward about a beloved Democrat. Rose was punished for over a decade for coming forward about her own monster. However, every empire ends and just like Rome, the U.S. and its political elites have become so corrupt, Caligula himself would blush. Greedy oligarchs and corruption will eventually rot the system from within. But it will take courageous citizens to speak up and risk their lives to create systemic change to the political structure and rape culture.

A positive aspect of coming forward has been the correspondence from other survivors. While some have discussed concerns, it is those that have chosen to come forward that I find touching and hopeful .Rose and I ended our chat with one such story, of a woman who reached out from another country to discuss the important book Rose had written, called Brave. Rose’s book is not a ‘MeToo’ book but rather addresses her own life experiences growing up in another country in a cult and coming to the United States and ending up in Hollywood. The rest, as they say, is history.

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