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Tara Reade: Americans have grown tired of the neoliberal hypocrites running the country and their patronizing authoritarianism

“I will use my power as president to get them out of the way.”  

The follow up question from the press should be “Excuse me, how will you get ‘them’ out of the way?” This phrase uttered by America’s increasingly authoritarian POTUS perfectly describes the current administration’s approach.  The neoliberal power set see themselves as the gatekeepers of the moral high ground. 

The icing on the cake was the follow up. “Our patience is running thin.” As if the electorate is a naughty child that needs discipline. His use of the royal “we” is precious. 

So much for state’s rights, the Constitution and all that stuff. I guess the ol’ “lets have unity and save the soul of the nation” rhetoric was just that.  Now, I never have to wonder about what was said about my coming forward about Joe Biden in those back rooms. The above phrase is the catch all for how any sticky situation is to be managed. I would like to remind the blowhard trying to sound like he wields all the power, that people have views and emotions. We are not mere objects to be obliterated or bulldozed. However, in 2022, I think the message will get clear really fast to politicians running on the Democrat ticket. 

The next time Biden waxes lyrical about the villainous authoritarian leaders around the world, we can replay his buffoonish response to a couple of US governors he thinks block his progress.

This is also a slogan for the neoliberals trying to impose their morals with messages via the media. America is in its ‘thug nation’ phase and reduces the collective dialogue to back alley threats by leaders. It is neither unifying nor healing.

Some other gatekeepers have been relieved of their posts. The Time’s Up board resigned in scandal. Hilary Rosen and almost the entire board departed, not with an apology but promises of “more work to be done.” That line could make one shudder considering the damage they have done to survivors. The corruption is staggering. The lack of self-awareness typical of the elite Democrats. 

The veil is lifting on the depth of malfeasance regarding the Democratic Party’s entanglements with media and human rights movements. 

On a recent Katie Halper Show, Nora Eisenberg, PhD. (Katie’s mother, novelist and journalist) discussed Time’s Up with the panel and how the women replacing leadership are as embedded with corporate interests as the previous board. 

In 1993, after I was forced out of my position in Joe Biden’s office  because I had filed a sexual harassment complaint against him, I left Washington, DC unable to find work again.

People in California are fed up with most of the local elected officials. California being the fifth largest economy in the world, the recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom has captured people’s attention worldwide.  

Some polls show he will be safe, other polls do not.  Rose McGowan had her own encounter with Gavin Newsom’s wife and discussed her opinion of them on Twitter.  

Gavin came into recent disfavor for many policies as he mandated masks and shutdowns then hosted a dinner with elite unmasked friends at the French Laundry. Meanwhile, people across the state were losing housing, businesses as Covid raged on.

The ‘do as I say, not as I do’ Democrats legislating morality continues. Regardless of political ideology, people in America are feeling strained in every area of their life and politicians’ hypocrisy is not being met with the same ‘water off a duck’s back’ mentality as before. 

The recall election of the governor of California results will be taking the temperature of an unhappy electorate nationwide. 

An earthquake is coming and not from the San Andreas fault, but rather from voters’ weariness with inept and corrupt leadership of the entire nation. As the old guard politicians are falling and failing, the gates are opening wide.  

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