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Tamagotchi promise to beat Pokemon Go. Video

Тамагочи обещают переплюнуть Pokemon Go. ВидеоTamagotchi reissue with upgrades

The creators of “Tamagotchi” promise to reissue the game, making it mobile app My Tamagotchi Forever with the elements of augmented reality.

“The Japanese company Namco Bandai decided to go further than just re-release the legendary keychain Tamagotchi, which enjoyed enormous popularity in the’ 90s. next year on the iOS and Android platforms will play My Tamagotchi Forever (“My Tamagotchi forever”). And it will be a game with elements of augmented reality, as Pokemon Go,” – said in the message.

Currently, Namco Bandai channel in YouTube has a trailer of the upcoming game.

According to the developers, all Tamagotchi live in the fictional town of “Tamatown” (Tamatown), which will allow you to compare your pet with the Pets of other users. Like the original toy, the host needs to constantly care for your Tamagotchi and develop it. So he can go to new levels and unlocking new items, such as food and costumes.

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