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Take care of children

Берегите детей

Ministry of education requires schools two weeks later to conduct a lesson on Kalashnikov. His the Creator of the 100-year anniversary. The guidelines painted about patriotism, Russian identity, moral values and interest of students to the army.

And the argument, the teacher should tell the children that “from the Kalashnikov killed more people than in the result of artillery fire, bombing raids and rocket attacks. Every year from bullets of AK killed a quarter of a million people.” The problem is that I do not slander and do not come up. Now, go to the link to the website of the Ministry of education.

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That is our official identity with spirituality is to kill as many people as possible (“they will die, and we are in Paradise”). It is clear, of course, that not all teachers will follow the “guidelines”. But enough for some 20%, especially in elementary school. And then, a few years later, another conscript, person who has just tried to flush the toilet, will embody this spirituality in short bursts in the barracks, good to assemble the machine he had been taught at school.

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Press Secretary of the President again, as of today, I will explain that the shooting of the fellow — no reason at least to talk about reform of the army, and the slave call to cancel early.

Of course, before. Not so in schools instead of knowledge in the head put the gun in his hands.

Take care of children.

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