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Take a break from fighting

Отдохнуть от борьбы

How many can remember — all the time for something fought. And not that nature is such a rebellious, and just other formats of life not provided. Octobrist competed for the title of best oktyabryatskoy stars. A pioneer who more paper surrender. The Komsomolets was — arrived, the fight against parasites, the hipsters and the corrupting influence of the West.

Then building the struggle in the socialist competition, struggle for the victory of communism. Later from communism refused, arguing utopia, and focused on the struggle for the construction is developedonth of socialism. Just announced the completion of construction… and all showered.

Began to fight for the restructuring of developed socialism into socialism with a human face. Soon the socialism finally disappointed, his Dolman and started to struggle to build a market economy based on common values. So until retirement, without a break, one big struggle.

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And then, like, the suit went oil with terrible force flooded up! — Well — I think — now that I wait and as people, will give rest from the struggle. So there! Crimea needed! Took the team all the focus to rally around and to gear up for Russian the world we will fight. With the Russian world is not broken off, was flooded to Syria for Assad to fight. Well, of course, the economy is overextended and beginning to decay, and here and sanctions international to surround steel. In General, the team sounded ready to breakthrough and began to, again, fight!

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And very soon turn 74, sunset near. Children, of course, also from the struggle will not escape. And not only children, but grandchildren came, too, the struggle sharpened. Revived October, with the badges of his grandfather Putin go. The pioneers-the Komsomol was revived by the decree of the President created the youth all-Russian organization. “Young guard,” reviving the military budget.

But I know in my heart that after all the grandchildren of the end of the bench will put, say, “fuck you and your struggle! For themselves, for their families to arrange life will become, and its Kremlin phobias that you are the center of the world, forget…”

And Russia will begin to recover.

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