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One of the “wonders of the world” can carry

Under the threat turned out to be the Taj Mahal. The Supreme court of India has given vent to emotions, since the government has not complied with any orders issued by the protection of the Taj Mahal. The factories to stop or to demolish the monument, neither more nor less …

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Construction century: Chinese wonders. Video

Unique structure, simply no analogues. 220 BC – the Great wall. 1420 – Forbidden city. 1997 – the Three Gorges dam. 2002. Chinese engineers and scientists have taken one of the most ambitious construction projects.. just in the middle of the ocean.

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Wonders of the world about which few know

They deserve the attention of tourists. There are a large number of trivial tourist routes: the Egyptian pyramids, the Eiffel tower, the Roman Coliseum… But fans of real adventure looking for untouched places, where they don’t have to crowd among the thousands of curious tourists. Just imagine how great to …

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