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RT’s The Wokies: The WOKEST of the WOKE in 2020

‘Woke’ became word of the year in 2019, according to Global Language Monitor, but it was (as we had predicted) in 2020 that global wokeness reached its peak. Not in its initial, benevolent meaning of being ‘alert to social injustice’, but in the sense of logic-defying nonsense and faux virtue, …

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RT’s The Wokies: Top 10 ART WORLD dumpster fires of 2020

Here they are, the outrageous masterpieces of woke culture that contaminated the art world in 2020. 10. Medusa as tombstone for #MeToo  One public monument that won’t be torn down anytime soon by the woke mob is the sculpture ‘Medusa With the Head of Perseus,’ which depicts the snake-haired Gorgon …

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RT’s The Wokies: 2020’s top 10 woke MEDIA moments

Remember when talk-show hosts made us laugh and journalists reported the news? Those days are long gone, and the mainstream media has since embraced a new, nobler role: to scold, scorn and lecture its viewers and readers until they see the error of their outdated, unwoke ways. Here we honor …

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