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In the Middle ages punished “witches”. Photo

People have come up with a lot of sophisticated torture. The modern woman is free of the right choice of clothing, work, social status. But it was not always so. A few hundred years ago, a woman, something different from the others, could be considered a witch and tortured, beating …

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New forest horror from the producer of “Witches”

The forest is a great location for horror. If the matter be approached with the soul and mind, the mood of the film can give only a landscape: dark, ominous, atmospheric. But in such scenery and horror inducing handier. In the series “the forest” horror movie is coming replenishment. “Pywacket” …

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Frightening portraits of African witches. Photo

Photographer Eric Gyamfi found out about the inhabitants of the camps for women accused of witchcraft In Ghana there is a camp of Gambaga, which was founded over 200 years ago. Here live about 130 women accused of witchcraft. As in these parts any failure and disease is associated with …

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13 soft witches

Series “the worst book”, to which we (and the site itself Area of Horrors, and members of the editorial Board, and many readers, fans) have a direct relationship continues to slowly but surely grow, and a project grows in all directions. In the autumn of last year in the series …

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Witchcraft in a big way! Watch the trailer of “7 witches”

Looks like last year’s “Witch” has set a new trend – historical imitation of the legends and real history – and… here’s a new swallow. Director Brady Hall made the film “7 witches”, which proudly States: “based on real events of the Salem witch-hunt”. And though the action takes place …

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Witches held a witchcraft ceremony against trump. Video

Witches from Boston spend the ritual removal of the President. Witches and wizards in the United States conducted the rituals with the aim to dismiss Donald trump. The video publishes The Independent. Simultaneous magic session was conducted in different States of the country: the occult burned photos of the President …

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