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In Georgia raging wildfires

In the fire zone are several dozen firefighters with the technique, which has already managed to localize the part of the fire hearths.In woodland near the mountain village of Khakhabo in Tusheti (Kakheti region, Eastern Georgia), where just a few days ago it was completely eradicated a major fire on …

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In the Kharkiv region raging wildfires

99% of all forest fires happen through the fault of the people Despite the fact that summer is not too hot, Kharkov region covers forest fires. According to regional management of forest and hunting economy, from January to July 10, eliminated 52 of the fire. For comparison, over the same …

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In Spain raging wildfires

In Spain, in the Autonomous community of Andalusia caused forest fire that evacuated more than a thousand people.According to the Agency, the fire moved West and spread to the national Park Donana, one of the most important natural reserves of Spain. “The fire was in the boundaries of the reserve, …

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In the US, raging wildfires

About 79 people were evacuated from Charlton County, GA.In the United States on the border of Georgia and Florida, a fire destroyed more than 40 thousand hectares of forest, rescue workers evacuated people. “Forest fire on the border of Georgia and Florida, which have destroyed more than 100 thousand acres …

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