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China comments on safety of Covid-19 vaccines

China has made a renewed push to promote the safety and effectiveness of its Covid-19 vaccines by pointing out that they were good enough for the country’s entire leadership, including President Xi Jinping, to fully rely on them. “All China’s incumbent party and state leaders have completed vaccination against the …

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Another rock star wants music off Spotify in vaccines stand

Canadian Grammy-award-winning singer and songwriter, Joni Mitchell, has decided to remove her music from one of the most popular streaming platforms, Spotify. The decision comes as an apparent protest against the service hosting a podcast by US comedian Joe Rogan, who she believes to be popularizing anti-vaccination views. “Irresponsible people …

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Meat Loaf’s family must support Covid vaccines, radio star demands

Following Meat Loaf’s death last week, radio host Howard Stern is calling on the late singer’s family to speak out in support of Covid-19 vaccines, saying the singer “made a mistake” by not getting vaccinated. Although TMZ initially reported that Meat Loaf had been “seriously ill with Covid,” those statements …

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Austria makes Covid vaccines mandatory

An overwhelming majority of Austrian MPs voted on Thursday to force their citizens to get vaccinated against Covid-19, with those who refuse facing fines of up to 3,600 euros ($4,000). After 137 MPs voted for compulsory vaccination and only 33 opposed, the bill now heads to the upper house to …

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Most Covid jab ‘side effects’ are not caused by vaccines – study

Vast majority of Covid vaccine ‘side effects’ are caused by people’s expectations rather than by the vaccine, Harvard Medical School researchers say, after analyzing the reports of more than 45,000 trial participants. Various “systemic” side effects, such as headaches, tiredness, and joint pain were reported in both halves of the …

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Elderly man gets 12 Covid vaccines in one year

An Indian senior has been detained by the authorities after getting a dozen of Covid shots, which he claims have had a very positive effect on his health beyond keeping him safe from the virus. Former postman Brahamdev Mandal, a resident of Orai village in Bihar, received his first vaccine …

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WATCH 1 million+ Covid vaccines destroyed by bulldozer

A massive quantity of out-of-date AstraZeneca vaccines was trashed at a dump site in the city of Abuja on Wednesday, with a bulldozer seen crushing the medicines in footage obtained by Reuters. Officials later announced the move, an apparent bid to quell fears that the expired immunizations were being administered …

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Trump touts Covid-19 vaccines, reveals his booster status

“We did something that was historic,” Trump said on Sunday at an event in Dallas. “We saved tens of millions of lives worldwide.” He also revealed that he had gotten a vaccine booster shot, eliciting a smattering of boos from the audience, which Trump attributed to “a very tiny group …

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