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Johnson & Johnson stops Covid-19 vaccine production – NYT

US multinational Johnson & Johnson suspended production of its Covid-19 vaccine late last year amid a massive push by the federal government and health officials to promote getting inoculated, The New York Times reported on Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the situation.  The pause in production is reportedly temporary, but …

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US Army ‘immediately’ begins enforcing vaccine mandate

US Army commanders are to initiate “involuntary administrative separation proceedings” against any soldier refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine, the Army said in a statement on Wednesday, citing a fresh directive by Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth. The order applies to regular army soldiers, active-duty army reservists, and cadets. …

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Kanye West gets a Covid vaccine warning

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has cautioned Kanye West – whose legal name is ‘Ye’ – that he must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter the country. The warning comes after reports emerged about the US hip-hop star – whose vaccination status is unclear – apparently planning a concert …

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Calls to boycott Starbucks brew as it scraps vaccine mandate

The world-famous coffee giant Starbucks has come under fire for scrapping the Covid-19 vaccine mandate, with calls to ‘boycott Starbucks’ flooding social media. Both customers and Starbucks baristas say they refuse to support a place, no matter how iconic, which does not require employee vaccinations. “Who wants unvaccinated people handling …

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Thousands of anti-vaccine mandate protesters descend on DC (VIDEOS)

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Washington, DC on Sunday in protest of Covid-19 vaccine mandates, with protesters calling for an end to medical ‘segregation’. Protesters chanted, “My body, my choice,” “No mandates,” and “We the people will not comply” as they marched from the Washington Monument to the …

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Court deals Biden another blow on vaccine mandates

President Joe Biden has suffered another legal setback to his efforts to coerce Americans into getting vaccinated against Covid-19 – this time with a federal court blocking mandated jabs even for employees of his own administration. US District Court Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown in Texas ruled on Friday that the …

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